Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fun With Friends

Last Friday, Scooter and I spent the day with my friend, Theresa and her three cats.  While T and I created, our fur kids eyed each other warily.  I'm happy to save no blood was shed and no attacks were pounced. 

The kitty fur kids were very confused about the white furry creature that took up residence on their mom's bed but they were polite and left him alone. I will say I've never been stared at so much as last Friday when I bought a dog in the the cats' lair. 

The Journal 52 prompt for last week was doodling in your journal. I had a fine time separating my weeks of December with red and green doodles. Then I used T's Dyan Reavely stamps for that interesting creature on the right.  The Art is quote is by Club stamp and I'm not sure who made the Trust quote stamp.

I just love that Trust Your Crazy Ideas stamp. I think it's the prefect sentiment for me as an artist.  

Link to: Paint Party Friday, Journal 52 and DLP

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