Thursday, July 24, 2014


I am loving my Brush Pitt Pens.  I used them for the shading on this piece. It's very subtle and makes a huge difference.  

The first layer is a page from a ledger. I love the green color and the lines. I put a fine layer of gesso over it and then stamped with a Just For Fun background stamp in a couple of colors. Then I added green and blue over the stamping.  The flowers are cut from a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper and then stamped with a dot stamp, a hero arts word stamp or a The Angel Company weave stamp. I used ink and paint for the stamping to give the flowers more texture.  All the flowers, stems and the sun were cut free hand.  I doodle a bit of grass along the bottom.  

I took a friend's advice and did my lettering on a piece of tissue paper first. I was going to glue it to the page but the letters were too large for the space. Testing them on the tissue paper gave me more confidence to try them on my page. I'm happy the look a little different from my usual lettering.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hurry Up and Relax

Hurry Up and Relax... This is my The Documented Life Project.. Smash page.  I choose things from around this house. 

The flip flop is a doddle I did. The popsicle is by Lori W and the sunflower is by Nancy W. I cut them from post cards I received this summer.  The numbers are from my 23,000 blog post celebration.  The color one says jeggings.  It's part of a tag for jeans leggings.

The background was paint with Tim Holtz Distressed and Adirondack paints.  Everything on this page reminds me of summer. 

The Hurry Up and Relax quote is a stamp from the dollar bin at Michael's.  Even it reminds me of summer.

Monday, July 21, 2014

I Love Cotton!

I grew up in the south. I remember seeing fields of cotton growing when we left the city for vacation. I still see cotton fields from time to time when I visit my home town.  A cotton field is beautiful. It looks like a field of snow in the middle of the summer. This page is done for the Journal 52 Fashion Challenge. I didn't want to do clothing... instead I wanted to do fabric.  Cotton is my favorite fabric. 95% of my clothes are made of cotton. I love the soft, smooth feel of cotton. It is not scratchy against my skin. I own a ton of cotton knit items... T Shirts, capri pants, sweats and of course cotton jammies of all kinds.  What could be better than a comfortable pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt on a cold day?  I could go on and on but I think you get the point... I love cotton.

This page is done in my recycled WordPerfect manual. The background is painted with green craft paint and then I journaled in huge scribbly writing with a green/red crayola colored pencil. (I called this type of writing my Carolyn Dube Scribble writing.)  I went through my dust cloths to find a pieces of plaid flannel and denim. I glued the fabric to discarded pieces of card stock to give them a little stiffness. I used a Sizzix die to cut the flowers. I found green brads in my stash for the centers of the flowers.  

Next I used one of the pieces left from cutting the flowers as a stencil and stenciled matching flowers in blue on the background of my page. The word Cotton was cut from a 1.5 inch set of dies from Sizzix compliments of my neighbor who bought that alphabet last winter.  The letters are cut from chip board and painted with watered down red craft paint. I used a small piece of a credit card to make the designs on the letters as well as the marks on the background. The letters are glued down with heavy duty double stick tape.

Link: Journal 52, Carolyn Dube, Artist Play Room

Friday, July 18, 2014


The weekend of my birthday, I took a Mixed Media Class. We learned about different mediums and collage. It was a great two days. One of the ladies gave me a paper towel to use and of course I couldn't use it to clean up once I saw the pretty butterflies on it.  

The background for this page was done with that paper towel. I peeled the layers apart glued it with matte medium. I love how the book text shows through. The words and other elements are from a Seth Apter stencil that I purchased from Stencil Girl and acrylic paint.  Stencil Girl has wonderful stencils.  This page was done in my Things That Fly book. 

Link to:  Paint Party Friday

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flip Flop Repair Shop... I Wanna Go There.

My vacation started out with a bang.  I went to visit, Ann and we celebrated her birthday. I used the picture that was on her party plates as my inspiration for this page. 

The flap was designed by Ann for a swap she was in a few years ago. We found it when we were going through some of her supplies. I added the flap like a mask for me tiki guy. It says, Margaritaville, Flip Flop Repair Shop. Is that perfect for my journal or what??? 

Using an actual paper plate in my journal wasn't as easy as it looks.  Paper plates have layers of paper and some kind of coating to make them waterproof. That is great when you are eating but causes a bit of extra work if you are using it as part of your art.  I sprayed the back of the paper plate with water and proceeded to peel at least 4 layers off the back so I would have just the thin colored layer left. The process requires a lot of rubbing and patience so you don't end up with holes in your design.  Then I trimmed around the tiki guy so he would fit on my page.

The background is a paper napkin from a set I gave Ann for her birthday. Only collage artists appreciate receiving a package of napkins as a gift.  I loved the multicolored border on those napkins. I saw in tiny letters that the napkin was designed by Jane Davies.  All the pieces were glued in using matte medium. The tape down the right side is the Scotch Expressions Decorative Masking tape. I used it to hold the the Tip In. This tape by Scotch is wonderful. I like it so much better than regular Washi Tape because it holds so much better.

I love this page. It is so me and so Ann. I hope my page bought a smile to your face.

Link: Artist Play Room   Expression Decorative Tape

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Seahorse Races

A little tongue in cheek page for the Under the Sea challenge for Journal 52.  I just couldn't get the idea of seahorses racing so I just went with the silliness of it.

This page is done in my recycled altered WordPerfect Manual. I was in a hurry so the page is really wrinkled. I didn't wait for the glue to dry well between the pages. 

The wrinkles worked to my advantage since I was going for the look of water and movement. The paint is a sky blue and a lime green painted in wavy lines over each other with a silicone pastry brush.  The seaweed  is yet another fiber from my stash. I shredded it to give it a wispy feel.  The top 4 seahorses are a sizzix die and a gelli print. The little fish are Angel Company stamps. 

Link to: Journal 52, Paint Party Friday

Friday, July 4, 2014

Art Surrounds Us... Do We See It?

I have become a huge fan of using recycled paper in my art. I find this amusing since I am the owner of enough background paper to wallpaper my whole house. There is something satisfying and challenging about using those pieces of paper sitting around on my desk. These days I see mailing envelopes and packaging in a whole new light.

I recently received a gift from Mo and Wee Man, my friends from Scotland. Their gift to me was mailed from Amazon. As I looked at that orange envelope with the one sided smiley face, I thought about the artist who spent time and energy developing just the right gift logo for Amazon.

That reminded me of Al, my brother-in-law. Al was an artist. He did wonderful metal sculptures and great wild life paintings. He also designed wrapping paper and packaging for toys. I remember my sister taking me to the toy department of a store to show me one of his package designs. My brother-in-law died in the late 1990s. I really miss him. I started art journaling a few years ago. I've reached for the phone many times to ask him questions since I did that first page. I also realize that I didn't really appreciate his work as much as I could have. I thought it was pretty and that he was talented but I didn't understand the feeling that went behind the process of creating art until recently. I have a great respect for him these days. It must have been very challenging to have to create a package design for a client. I create what I want because it calls to me. I would think it would much more difficult to create for someone else. I really miss you, Al.

I am finding that I view things with new eyes. We are surrounded by other people's art constantly and we may not even realize it. For many years I've thought of art as pictures hanging on walls or sculpture displayed on a shelf. My new sight is helping me see that the fabric on my co-worker's shirt, the decorative napkin at dinner, the wrapping paper on a gift, the design on chair fabric, to say nothing of the hundreds of ads we see, are all forms of art. 

As a collage and recycle artist, I often use bits and pieces of ads, paper napkins, background paper and envelopes that arrive in my mail. I don't know who designed the half smile logo for Amazon or the paper napkin I might use in my next project... so I would like to say thank you to all of the artists out there who work so hard to give us beauty each day.

If you would like to see the rest of the piece the above photo was taken from, please my other blog Art Journal Feel.