Thursday, December 18, 2014

Napkins Make Quick Journal Page

Journal 52's prompt this week was Sparkle and Shine. I thought those berries were perfect for that idea.

I really like working with napkins in my art journal. I could never paint a bird as pretty as this one.  I love that I can take a paper napkin and collage it into a really nice page.

When working with napkins the first  thing I do is separate the layers. Most napkins are 2 or 3 ply. The top layer is the only one with a design on it.  If I don't separate the top layer from the others when I begin to glue, the top layer will peel off leaving just the white layers on my page.

Jean Parker taught me a neat treat for separating the layers.  Put a small piece of masking tape on one corner on the back side.  It will hold the white layer so you can peel the other layer off.... It works like a dream.

If you want to cut out an element from your napkin the easiest way to do that is to glue that element to a piece of paper. The paper gives the napkin enough stiffness that it's easy to trim.  

I used glitter glue on the berries and the bird's tail to give it a little shine.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dream Vacation - An Art Retreat By The Sea

The Documented Life Project's prompt this week was... Journal about your dream vacation... money is no object.

Mine is an Art House by the sea. The list of things it would have to include are art supplies, Scooter, my dog, my favorite art friends, a cook and a huge screened in porch... 

I can't think of anything I'd like to do more.  It goes without saying this house would have air conditioning and all the diet coke a person could drink. 

The background is a gelli print. The purple is made by combing a bit of pink with some light blue I'd made a while ago  I haven't played with my gelli plate for a while and I really enjoyed it. The house is craft paint and the shingles are a paint pen.  Would you like to join me for my art retreat? I would love for you to visit for a few days and create with me.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fun With Friends

Last Friday, Scooter and I spent the day with my friend, Theresa and her three cats.  While T and I created, our fur kids eyed each other warily.  I'm happy to save no blood was shed and no attacks were pounced. 

The kitty fur kids were very confused about the white furry creature that took up residence on their mom's bed but they were polite and left him alone. I will say I've never been stared at so much as last Friday when I bought a dog in the the cats' lair. 

The Journal 52 prompt for last week was doodling in your journal. I had a fine time separating my weeks of December with red and green doodles. Then I used T's Dyan Reavely stamps for that interesting creature on the right.  The Art is quote is by Club stamp and I'm not sure who made the Trust quote stamp.

I just love that Trust Your Crazy Ideas stamp. I think it's the prefect sentiment for me as an artist.  

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Journal 52's prompt this week was make a snowman.

This page is done in my altered Recipe book. The background has blue, magenta and pink paint on it.

I wanted him to be a little 3D so I used embossing paste and a palette knife to make him.

I love how he's not completely round. Using a palette knife was not so easy for me but I think it gave him the look of a real snowman. 

My embossing paste was a odd blue color because it was left over from another project. I painted over the paste with gesso and while it was wet I pressed black round disks into him for his buttons. Then I let it dry for 24 hours.  I put a coat of Artist Loft iridescent paint on him to give him a little shine.

His hat is a piece of fabric that I cut with pinking shears. The ball and fluff on his hat are made from a cotton ball.  His arms are the branch from the Sizzix Bird Branch die painted with gold paint.  The little bird is a stamp from a set I purchased at Tuesday Morning. This face is black sharpie paint pen and a orange paint pen.

I made the background snow by mixing a bit of metallic white paint with water and splattered it with a paint brush.

My friend Bibi at Rubber Dance is having a blue, pink and purple challenge on her blog. I thought I'd link to it too.  She is also having a sale on her stamps because December is her birthday month. Check it out. She has wonderful stamps.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dress Form Map

The Documented Life Project challenge for last week was use a map in your journal.  It took me a while to come up with something different.

I cut my map using the Tim Holtz Dress Form Die. Memphis is my hometown so I thought it was appropriate to use that part of the map for the dress form.  I love the buttons and spools that are part of that die so I added those to my page.

The background is an actual pattern from a children's pattern.  The scissors and thimble are stamped images from The Angel Company that I embossed and cut out.  I used blue craft paint around the edge to give everything a distressed look.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Much To Be Thankful For in 2014

The Craft Hoarders Anonymous challenge this week is For All that You Do, Thank You and The DLP theme this week is use fabric in your journal.  I've combined the two in my journal page.

The background for this page is a combination of green craft paint from my stash and gesso. I hadn't gessoed this page before hand so I just combined the two. Together they were thick enough for me to get bit of texture too.  

I am very lucky to have a co-worker who quilts and she has been sharing her stash with me. This beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement was on a piece of fabric she gave me.  Thank you, Janice.

My tip for the day is to glue your fabric to a piece of card stock before trimming. It makes trimming the fabric so much easier and you get a nice clean cut.  The background seemed a little bare so I shredded bits of the fabric and added them to the background for interest.

I have been very blessed in 2014.  God has been very good to me this year.

I have had lousy heath insurance for the past three years and in 2014 I finally got good coverage. That enabled me to get my silly trigger fingers fixed at last. 

My day job is going very well.  I work with really kind, generous people who care about me.  

My family is healthy.  We had a new baby in our family this year.  My great niece, Arden was born in July.  

One of my journal pages was picked to be published in a North Light book which will be out in December.

Scoots at Ann's Art Table
My work was featured on blogs by Seth Apter and Juie Fei-Fan Balzer and on the Black Ink Paper Facebook page.  It means so much to me that my work received recognition from other artists.

I live with the cutest little boy dog in the whole world (I know some of you will disagree because you think the cutest boy dog lives with you).  We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one, OK?  :)

I have a roof over my head, food to eat and I'm warm every evening when I go to bed. There are over 100 million homeless people in the world, most of which are women and children so I am indeed blessed. 

I have enough art supplies to last me for months without having to purchase a single thing... which means I have too many, I'm sure.

I've grown in confidence in my life and my art.  

Last but certainly not least, I have the best friends a person could have.  They love me, check on me, laugh with me, cry with me and help me.  I am blessed. I don't know enough ways to say thanks to them.

How have you been blessed this year?
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another Cardboard Canvas

This is the next of my cardboard canvases.  I don't know why but I really like to create on repurposed materials.  This started out as a Cheerios box.  

I gessoed both sides so that the substrate would not curl so much.  I used blue, yellow and green glaze paint that I don't think is made anymore. I bought it when it was on clearance at least 8 years ago. I put down two layers and then stamped with a Michael's brand wood grain stamp using Sepia Archival ink.  I added another coat of paint over the stamping so that the wood grain was just barely visible.

Next I stenciled the triangles using a piece of a BBQ grill that my friend, Theresa gave to me and spackling compound.  I also used a Tim Holtz stencil and spacking compound to stencils some of the lines.  Then I went back with green and cream craft paint and made more lines using Tim's stencil.  

The flowers are a stencil I purchased at Michael's.  I can't remember the brand.  The petals are done with Basic paint and the leaves are craft paint. Accents were done with Montana and Liquitex paint pens.

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