Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stencils and Leaves

The Documented Life Project's prompt this week is leaves and the prompt for Journal 52 is stencil It. 

I made the stencils for the fern & birds from a dies a friend loaned me. I cut them from plastic packaging that I recycled.

The background was painted with purple and hot pink paint. Then I stenciled the half circles using gesso and a Michael's stencil.  After it was dry I put a light coating of blue paint over the gesso.  

Next I stenciled the ferns and branches with green paint.  

I stenciled the birds in purple paint on the journal page. Then I moved the stencil to the right a tiny bit and stenciled again so the birds would have a shadow.  Then I stenciled them again on book text. I cut out the book text ones and glued them on top of the shadows.  I love how distressed the page looks. I really like how parts of the purple peeks out through the blue.

Link to: The Documented Life Project,  Journal 52, Paint Party Friday

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sketching... It's Time to Be Brave

The Documented Life Project's prompt this week is
Sketch in your journal. I was uneasy about this. I just started trying to sketch anything other than doodle flowers and your basic jack-o-lantern.  When I do mixed media I know I can easily fix any big issues with a bit of acrylic paint or a piece of scrap paper. 

Sketching is a whole different animal. Most of the time an eraser doesn't work and whatever is there is there. I have written several times that it's ok to make mistakes in my journal but I found that when it came to sketching I really didn't want to have what I considered a "lousy" page in it.  That made me pause and realize that it was time I took a few more risks.... that I push my boundaries a bit.   It was time I put my pencil to paper and do what I've been writing about.  I needed to be brave and not afraid of screwing up.

I think I was pretty successful with my water bottle. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  The background is a inktense blocks and wet paint brush. I sketched the bottle with a regular pencil and found that my gum eraser worked better on gesso than I thought it would.  I traced over my pencil with a gray Sharpie and then used ink tense blocks for the color on the bottle.  

Here's what I've discovered about myself and sketching thus far. I usually can sketch from a line drawing better than the actually object.  (this bottle is the exception for me so far).  I have no training with perspective and I think that is why I have an issue with objects.  I also do better with simple objects and straight lines.  

I love Snoopy. I really want to draw him and I've tried. He never looks like Snoopy.  I'm not sure why. I'm going with because he's all curved lines.  If you have Snoopy pointers for me, please leave me a comment.  I want to be Snoopy when I grow up (he is brave, loyal and adventurous) and so I'd really like to be able to draw him.

I would like to thank Terri at Let's Sketch-Sketching for Everyone  for the encouragement and weekly challenges. They are helping me a lot.

Link: The Documented Life Project , Paint Party Friday, Let's Sketch-Sketching for Everyone Facebook Page

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Push Your Boundaries

Thanks to Robin-Marie Smith  for the wonderful photo of the green "Push Your Boundaries" mug photo.  It was posted on The Documented Life Project  facebook page and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it on a journal page.

Art Journaling has pushed my boundaries. I have tried things I never thought I'd attempt.  It has given me courage to be who I really am and to put myself out there.  I have learned that:

I'm not a fan of working with colored pencils. I don't have the patience for slowly adding layer after layer to achieve what I want my piece to look like. 

I know that when I drive to work in the morning and look at the sky I want to learn how to paint the sky going from dark to light with the silhouette of the trees in the foreground.  

I love the freedom of art journaling.

I am learning to accept that some pages in my journal I will really like and some I won't and that's OK.  (I'll post those on another day)  

Those are just a few of the things I learned.  

This page was done with yellow craft paint in the background.  I used a kids block (similar to duplos) and gesso to make the white marks and the core from tape to make the purple circles.  I made deep pink lines with a credit card and then didn't like them so I wiped them off with left me with faint pink in places.  I used the corner of a credit card to make the short pink marks.  I printed the words using MS Publisher.  

What have you done lately to push your boundaries?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm Back!!

I'm back!! My stitches are out and I'm going to do exercises at home to get back in shape. I won't be doing heavy lifting for a while but I can paint!!!  

I did these ATC before my surgery and now that I can type with two hands I want to enter them in the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge.

The green background paper is from a paper pack I've been saving. I buy pretty paper and then don't want to use it for fear it will all be gone. I'm forcing myself to stop thinking that way. It does no good sitting in a drawer.  The orange paper is some I saved from the recycle bin.  

The characters & words are fabric from my co-workers stash of quilting fabric. A little detail trimming and some glitter glue and I've got some cute ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for a swap I'm in with an online group called Tennessee Stampers.

As a Mixed Media artist I really enjoy using different materials in my art. I've always liked using fabric in my projects... even before I knew what a Mixed Media Artist was.  Do you use fabric in your projects?

Link: Craft Hoarders Anonymous 

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Favorite Blog

I subscribe to several art blogs.  I love seeing what people across the world are creating.  I do have one blog that is my all time favorite.  It's my favorite because not only does it have great art work but it also makes me laugh every time I read it.

If I were every feeling really blue and needed a laugh, this is the blog I would head to in a heart beat. It is written by my friend, Tracey Fletcher King.  Tracey is a very talented artist and is also very funny.  I wish I lived next door to her so I could visit every day.  Please check out her blog.... It is full of eye candy and it will make you smile.  Today's post is the The Birthday Yoda.   

Tracey, thanks for the smile so early this morning!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dare To Be

Art done with 1.5 hands.  It's really hard to keep my hand clean & dry when paint and glue are calling to me. 

Paper Napkin & Carolyn Dube stencil, Words to Live By & matte medium.

Paint-Party-Friday, Carolyn Dube

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing.... Blog Love

While my hand is out of commission, I thought I'd share some links to other blogs I really enjoy.

Check out Clip-n-Cuts.... Vicky has a great overview of one of my favorite products... GESSO

Happy Crafting!!!