Thursday, April 17, 2014

Doodle Flowers

I like to listen to books on my MP3 from time to time. The library doesn't always have the MP3 version so then I have to download them to my computer.  I'm stuck in one spot if I want to listen. That has been good for my doodling.  
These are the three best offerings from my evening of doodling. I doodle on graph paper.  I just love those little squares. I used sharpie markers and a Pitt Pen. Flowers and houses are my doodles of choice.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The challenge this week for the Documented Life Project was to use a cardboard box in your art work. The only box I had was a Cherrios Box.  This is a fun silly page. The blue background is acrylic paint. The border at the top and bottom is Scotch Brand Masking Tape.  All the words plus the bee and heart are from the Cherrios box. 

I guess you can guess... Honey Nut Cherros are my favorite. 

Link: Documented Life Project.

Monday, April 14, 2014

More Happy Mail Art

The background of this page is a paper napkin I received from Rose in Canada.  I love it, Rose.  Thank you so much!!  Napkins make great easy backgrounds. The old car and the words, Enjoy the Journey both by Tim Holtz.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Texture and Scoots

The Journal 52 challenge this week is include an animal in your art.   My drawing skills are minimal so I have to use my imagination for this one.  

I started with a gessoed background and then added joint compound to the whole page. I wanted a lot of texture so I took the flat side of a Catalyst blade and made peeks in the joint compound.  The surface reminded me of the stucco textured walls in the house where I grew up.
Next I used watered down acrylic paint in yellow, blue and green to make drips on the page. The texture made the drips do wonderful things.  Last I lightly dragged an ink pad across the peaks so they show up better.

Scooter, the dog, was made from torn paper.  He looked too flat so I used a stipple brush and gesso to make his a little 3D.  

Link: Journal 52, Paint Party Friday, Artist Play Room

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Mail Art By Way of Sweden

My friend, Jana sent me Happy Mail from Sweden.  I used the envelope she made for the background of this page.  I really like the design on the paper and the cool Swedish words.  I have no clue what that word says... I hope I have not just made a journal page with Swedish curse words.  Nah.. Jana wouldn't send me that.

I liked combining the paper with the Swedish postage stamp and the post office labels. The lady is another hand me down stencil.  She is stencils with Golden Paint.

Link to: Paint Party Friday, Artist Playroom

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Took Care of Her

How it was made. 
The background is made from layers of bright orange gauze, blue tissue paper and gesso.  I used a Hero Arts gauze stamp to get the white lines on the tissue.  The words were done in layers of three colors of Montana Markers and outline with a white oil based Sharpie. I didn't think I'd like the oil based markers but I really do. The doodle border was done with a Pitt pen.

The story behind the quote.... if you are interested.
I prescribe to the philosophy that we each have an inner child. A little child inside us who is sometimes playful, sometimes fearful and often very smart. My inner child is very, very feisty. I sometimes describe her as a terrier because when she gets an idea in her head, she won't let it go until I give her my undivided attention. She is also very, very smart and knows what is right for me way before I know most of the time. She is also very loving and wants to champion her friends. Do not be mean to one of her friends or she will be after you like white on rice.

My inner child has been throwing a fit trying to get my attention. You see I've worked very hard the last 7 years to make a new life for us. I gave it all my attention for almost 6 years. I didn't play or touch a paint brush. I stored all my art supplies and when about the business of surviving. 19 months ago I started my first art journal. My inner child did the happy dance and has been pretty content so long as she has painty fingers most day. Well, she was content until just recently.

Now she wants more. She wants to play more. She wants to see our friends more and she wants to create more.  Mostly she wanted to know that she had choices.   Today I took the first step toward giving her more of what she needs  I gave her a compromise because she needs to learn real life is full of compromise. Perspective is very important. How I look at any situation is key.  So I gave her part of what she wanted.  I took care of her.

Monochromatic Flower

This page was done for the Documented Life Project Monochromatic challenge.  

I have a thing for graph paper.  I just love all those little squares. I keep a graph paper pad by my chair. I use it for doodling, lettering practice and just plain messing around.  

The background is a page from my graph paper pad.  I was listening to a book on my MP3 and practicing lettering. I was going to toss it out when I decided it would be great for this page. The words were written in black with a calligraphy pen. I painted a light coat of gesso all over the words so they would go to the background.

I used a "hand me down" stencil for the checks and flowers.  Then I outlined them all with a grey Pitt pen. Finally I used a white Signo Gel pen for outlining on the inside of the images.

                                                                                                        Link: Documented Life Project, Paint Party FridayArtist Play Room