Thursday, November 13, 2014

Much To Be Thankful For in 2014

The Craft Hoarders Anonymous challenge this week is For All that You Do, Thank You and The DLP theme this week is use fabric in your journal.  I've combined the two in my journal page.

The background for this page is a combination of green craft paint from my stash and gesso. I hadn't gessoed this page before hand so I just combined the two. Together they were thick enough for me to get bit of texture too.  

I am very lucky to have a co-worker who quilts and she has been sharing her stash with me. This beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement was on a piece of fabric she gave me.  Thank you, Janice.

My tip for the day is to glue your fabric to a piece of card stock before trimming. It makes trimming the fabric so much easier and you get a nice clean cut.  The background seemed a little bare so I shredded bits of the fabric and added them to the background for interest.

I have been very blessed in 2014.  God has been very good to me this year.

I have had lousy heath insurance for the past three years and in 2014 I finally got good coverage. That enabled me to get my silly trigger fingers fixed at last. 

My day job is going very well.  I work with really kind, generous people who care about me.  

My family is healthy.  We had a new baby in our family this year.  My great niece, Arden was born in July.  

One of my journal pages was picked to be published in a North Light book which will be out in December.

Scoots at Ann's Art Table
My work was featured on blogs by Seth Apter and Juie Fei-Fan Balzer and on the Black Ink Paper Facebook page.  It means so much to me that my work received recognition from other artists.

I live with the cutest little boy dog in the whole world (I know some of you will disagree because you think the cutest boy dog lives with you).  We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one, OK?  :)

I have a roof over my head, food to eat and I'm warm every evening when I go to bed. There are over 100 million homeless people in the world, most of which are women and children so I am indeed blessed. 

I have enough art supplies to last me for months without having to purchase a single thing... which means I have too many, I'm sure.

I've grown in confidence in my life and my art.  

Last but certainly not least, I have the best friends a person could have.  They love me, check on me, laugh with me, cry with me and help me.  I am blessed. I don't know enough ways to say thanks to them.

How have you been blessed this year?
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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful year Boo. And their is still a month and a half to go!