Saturday, July 26, 2014


This page is in honor of my friend who lives in Texas.  He is not a native Texan and is really suffering with the dry heat this year.

I started this piece with my recycled book oriented to portrait setting.... can you tell I spend a lot of time working with documents because I think portrait or landscape instead of horizontal and vertical?

Layer one is a piece of deli paper that I'd used for practicing with a stencil and black paint. Layer two is drips of aqua, pink and lime paint.  Layer three is wrinkled deli paper that had bits of glitter on it.  I peeled pieces of layer three off so that I would have some of the brighter colors peeking through. I still did not love this page.  

People ask me how I work and where I get my ideas?  Mostly, I just play and let the paint and whatever is around me speak to me.  This sun was cut from cardboard and has been sitting on my cutting table for several months. It is the negative of an Accucut die that we have at my office.  I have no clue why I cut it out... maybe to recycle a piece of cardboard that was in the office.

I put a thin layer of gesso over the cardboard and then finger painted two shades of yellow, orange and hot pink on it.  Then I turned my book to landscape and loved how it looked with the drips going sideways across the sun. The word HOT was written with a florescent pink and orange paint pen.

Now I love this page.  It always amazes me how a piece can go from OK, to ugly, to I love it so fast.

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  1. its beautiful and radiates warmth!

  2. Hey Boo! We jus got home from our journey out west with two grandchildren and my daughter left this afternoon with all four or her kids. I worked my tail off yesterday washing clothes and cooking. We had a delightful time and I must say that Mount Rushmore was so much more amazing than I thought it would be.
    I am not going to be on the computer that much but I really want to follow you - you art work always intrigues me and I want to do more of my own thing - I just can't figure out what that is but some how I feel that I will find my groove.
    Wonderful work and your sun is fandamntastic!
    Sandy xx

  3. Such a lovely, vibrant feel to this art. Beautiful!

  4. Very nice and yes Texas heat is over the top.

  5. I feel the heat radiating off the page...and beautifully too!

    Hugs Giggles