Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Little Pocket

The Documented Life Project's challenge this week is to include a pocket in your journal.  I knew what I wanted to put in my pocket.

I recently received an email from Seth Apter, commenting on my Timeless blog post where I used his stencil.  He thanked me for using his stencil. I thought that was a very cool thing for him to do. Later in the week I received email asking if he could include my page on his blog, The Altered Page on July 31st. I printed both of these emails and put them in my pocket.

My journal is different than many in the DLP.  I'm a bit of a rebel and I don't usually need a weekly planner. I have been trying to document some of the fun or exciting things that are going on in my world so I thought Seth's emails would be perfect for my pocket.

The pocket is a piece of background paper and I used Tiim Holtz washi tape around the edge.  I used heavy duty double stick tape on the back of the pocket to make sure it stays in place.  

Color wise this page is very different for me. Most of my pages are filled with color.  This whole page was done in Sepia Archival Ink. I thought it fitting that I use Seth's Timeless Stencil again.  I am becoming obsessed with that stencil. I love the doodle quality of it. I also like how I can repeat the designs on it to create a pattern.  I bought the stencil because it looked like like there was a cobblestone road on it. Making a cobblestone street for some of my house stencils is on my project list.

As I look at this page again, it occurs to me that my friend, Pam is going to love it.  She is a huge fan of all things done is creams and browns.

Link: The Documented Life Project, The Altered Page


  1. Another awesome page Boo and congratulations on having your work admired and sought after by Seth Apter. I love that you have printed the emails and stored them in the pocket. I like all the different patterns on your page and the numbers too. Hope your week ahead wil be a good one :D

  2. Looks great Boo. And I like your twist on DLP.

  3. How exciting and what great mementos to put in your pocket - your are so full of creativity and great ideas!!
    Sandy xx

  4. Cool page Boo! Gotta make pockets too!