Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The page on the left is ugly. The colors are dull. I can't read the words. There's that girl who looks like she has a growth on her head again. This is how it looked when I walked away last evening. I didn't know where to go with it but I thinking toward the trash bin. 

Today, I received my Fineline Applicators  and an idea formed as I did my work. I love this new fine tip paint applicator. I wasn't sure what paint would work best so I started with Golden's Hi-Flow. It was too thin for me. All the heavy dark lines are made with the Hi-flow and the applicator. I already had Hi-Flow in the bottle so I added some heavy body acrylic paint to it and gave it a good shake. I've now got a unique never to be repeated color (because I didn't measure anything) that works great in the applicator. I did the little swirls and thinner lines with the second mixture of paint. I was much happier with the lines but the background was still so dull. (I forgot to photograph that stage..)

I found an unopened bottle of Neon Purple craft paint and thought, "What the heck, it can't get much worse." I painted the Neon and then added more doodles with the applicator. Finally I added the dancing girl. She was cut from the inside of an envelope and painted with Neon Yellow. Watch out when using thin paper like an envelope... she was beheaded in the process. Gel Medium to the rescue and her head is now secure. I love the doodles by her hands.

This piece has more layers than I usually use. The reason being that I just couldn't get it to come together. It has a napkin layer, stencil layer, a white paint layer, purple paint layer and doodles. I also used a Sharpie Paint Pen to go over my letters. I am content with it now. I wouldn't put it up there with my best work but it will remind me to persevere.  The words are from a Dina Wakley stencil.  

A side note: I must have been more frustrated than I thought with this page.  I just found paint and gel medium in my hair where I ran my hands through my hair while working on it.


  1. This page came a long way!! Looks good. . . especially like the doodles coming off her hands.

    1. Thank you, Ann Cumbie. It has a zillion layers.

  2. I'm very impressed by how you really did persevere with this page (altho' if I'd created the first page I'd be chuffed, lol). We really are, our own worst critics. I love the ultimate color background and the happy girl is awesome. I love her overall shape :D

  3. Boo - you always amaze me with your creativity and your experiments. Those applicators seem like a good thing to have - following you like crazy!!
    Sandy xx