Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Nice When My Friends Know Me So Well

A group at my office had a luncheon today. The hostesses offered me lunch as well. 
Fried Chicken and yummy mashed potatoes and chocolate dipped strawberries were served. It was delicious. The part I was most excited about was the pretty butterfly napkin that came with my lunch.  My co-workers know me well because Miss Betty suggested I take an extra napkin for my art. 

This page was done with that napkin. I used matte medium to glue the napkin down. Then I put a thin layer of titan buff and water over the whole page. I glued part of the left over napkin to an encyclopedia page and part to a scrap of watercolor paper.  The larger piece you see on the top right was glued to the book page. I love how the words peek through the napkin.  I did not put any titan buff on the parts I cut out because I wanted them to stand out again the background.  I used a darker shade of buff and a bit of maroon paint to make some of the circles. I also mixed the buff with white to make a creme color to make additional circles and some dots.  The lines were made with a credit card dipped in the paint. 

I posted two photos because I could decide which I liked better after I edited the colors of the photos.

Link to: Creative Everyday and Paint Party Friday


  1. If I were Miss Betty I'd be inviting you back for another lunch - firstly you obviously enjoyed the food and company, and secondly just look at you clever creations with the napkin, or perhaps we should say serviette?! Any chocolate covered strawberries left, can you send them my way?
    Wren x

  2. Gorgeous Boo! I hope you managed to get an extra napkin or two for backup ;-) The colours on the butterflies are beautifully enhanced by your circles and the lines. Love it :-)

  3. Pretty - that napkin is gorgeous!!!!!
    Sandy xx