Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Artful Butterfly

Another page in my Things That Fly book.  I thought  it was full but I found a few pages left.
The butterfly on the left was done by stretching a vegetable bag over a butterfly stencil and using a stipple brush with different colors of paint.  The right butterfly was done by putting the blue on the inside of the stencil and the stippling the edges with purple. The little butterflies were cut with a Stampin Up punch. The butterflies didn't show up well enough so I outlined all of them with a gray Pitt Pen.

The background is several layers.  Gesso, light green paint, then leaves stencils in two colors of green. Next the whole page was painted over with blueberry colored paint.  The words were stamped in purple and blue Archival ink. The stamp is made by Rolograph. The different dots were made by plastic canvas used as a stencil and a piece of plastic screening used as a stencil.  

The more I Art Journal the braver I get.  Two years ago I would never have painted over my background with blue paint. Today it just seemed like the thing to do. I'm finding that I'm instinctive artist. I don't know a lot about color theory. I just go with what pleases my eye.

Link: Artist Playroom, Creative Everyday


  1. smashing and colourful spread Boo, Annette x

  2. Thank you, Annette

  3. Where have I been anyway - God only knows - sometimes I get lost but fortunately for me I find my way home. Boo this is absolutely gorgeous - really beautiful!
    Sandy xx