Thursday, May 22, 2014

Endpaper and Flyleaf.... What the Heck is That?

 I had to ask three people before I could find someone who knew what you called the inside cover of a book. My friend, Debbie said, "Flyleaf?"  Finally I googled it.  The part of the inside cover that is attached to the hard cover is called the Endpaper and the other half of the endpaper that is loose is called the Flyleaf. That is my anatomy of a book lesson for the day. These two pages are the endpapers and flyleaves of my Art Journal/Altered Book that I began in October of 2012.

The left page is done by painting watered down acrylic paint on several encyclopedia pages. I tore them and use matte medium to glue them. I may go back and write something about this journal on these pages.  

The right page was done on a page from a recycled music magazine.  I used a "hand me down" stencil that I really, really like and craft acrylic paint. People often give me things they don't want anymore. I love all the cool things I've acquired that way. 

Art Journaler collect stuff. Some call me a packrat... I prefer the term... creative recycler.


  1. You are having great fun Boo. Annette x

  2. Excellent info Boo. I knew about Flyleaf but not Endleaf. I think it's great to try to learn something new everyday, so thanks for that. I love the music page with the flower and the border. I like the multi colours on the other page too :-D

  3. I do love following you -- the purple flower pot and flower on the music paper is my very favorite!!