Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Easy Transfer Method --- And I Really Mean Easy!!

I am very excited to report that something I read on the internet really worked.  I wish I could remember who's site I was on when I saw someone doing an image transfer using packing tape and hand sanitizer.  If anyone knows who thought this up, please let me know.  I would love to give them credit.

Here's how I did it.
a) Print the image on regular 20 lb paper on a copy machine (not an ink jet printer & I haven't tried it with ink jet yet).

b) Cover the words with packing tape.

c) Burnish the tape into the paper really well.  Turn the page over and burnish again so that you have burnished from the tape side and the paper side.

d) Cover paper side of image with hand sanitizer.  Let soak into paper. Do not rub image once the hand sanitizer is on the paper.

e) Gently pull paper away from the tape being sure to start away from the image.

f) It will peel right off and leave your image on the tape.  

g) Easy Peasy..... I was amazed.  I've tried the ones with water and the ones with glue and it was a pain and a mess.  This was amazing it was soooo darn easy.

This page was inspired from a paper napkin that my friend, Ann, gave me last weekend.  I painted the book page with yellow craft paint.  I used gel medium to glue the napkin to the page. The left page was stamped with a ledger stamp in orange archival ink.  The Flutterby definitions were written by me and then done with an image transfer method above.   

Link to:  Paint Party Friday

,  Artist Play Room


  1. Oooohhhh Boo, I am so happy. I tried the water method and it worked, but so messy. Can you tell me what type of hand sanitizer you used? Was it the gel type with a pump or the more liquid kind that you spray? So excited to try this.

    Your page is fabulous. I love how the yellow background makes all the elements pop!!! LOVE the ledger stamp... is it a full page stamp? Awesome page, Boo!

    1. I used Germ X gel sanitizer. It was what I had. It was not a spray. It soaked in and worked almost immediately.

  2. That's an awesome idea Boo, (if I got it right, hehe). So if I copy a magazine (or any) image, this method should work? When you say 'packing tape' do you mean like the clear Sellotape? Sorry, it's a pest sometimes when there are word differences ;) This sure does sound sooo easy, thaks for sharing it :o)

  3. Wow what an awesome sounding technique - thanks for sharing. This is a lovely page, beautiful butterflies.

    1. Thanks, Susan. It was fun and so easy.