Sunday, December 15, 2013

Texture & Paper Napkins


Some days I think I watch to many Donna Downey videos.  Donna is the queen of texture in her journal pages. She uses her journal for experimenting with ideas.  I think I was channeling inner Donna Downey when I started this page.

This page is a result of my experimenting with a lot of different textures on one page. It took several days because I didn't know what I really wanted to do so I'd try something and let it sit for a day or two.  The top picture is after I painted the whole page with gold paint and then brushed blue metallic paint over the gold.

It was bit too green for me so in the bottom picture I added another layer of blue paint. It also needed a focal point. I found these wonderful napkins at Tuesday Morning and knew my focal point had arrived.  

There are a couple things to know when working with paper napkins in your art.  The first is separate the layers of the napkin.  Most are two or three ply and you only want to use one ply on your page.  The second is a napkin is not very forgiving.  Where you put it down on the page, is where it has to stay unless you want it to tear.  I use matte medium and didn't mind if there was a wrinkle in the napkin because I had so much texture under it already.  I gently dabbed more medium on top of the napkin.  Your can't brush it on because the napkin will stick to your paint brush.

I went around the edges of the page with gold paint.  I wrote the word dream with an old paint pen. 

Link to: Paint Party Friday


  1. I love this Boo! So much texture and those napkins are wonderful! Nice work my friend :o)) x

  2. I have had the hardest time leaving comments lately Boo and it is driving me crazy!! So this is my second try. Wow - you did really well and I love the colors. I hope after the first of the year, I will get more time to play and experiment too. Not only are you a good artist but a good influence too!!
    Merry Christmas Boo!