Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Hot Mess and a Work in Progress

It this art or is it as Donna Downey says, "Just a Hot Mess?"

At this point it is a work in progress.  I usually post finished projects that I like.  I thought I'd put myself out there a bit and post something that is not lovely and it's only redeeming quality at the moment is all the texture.  

This page is loaded with texture. Like many mixed media artists, I have a hard time throwing things away. Almost everything glued on this page was left over from a previous project.  It has cardboard, card stock, copy paper, gelli prints, burlap ribbon, embroidery floss, maps, dry wall tape and scrapbook paper on it.  I painted green paint over it in hopes of making it a bit more cohesive.  That didn't work so well.  The green paint didn't cover the orange and now it looks kind of ugly.  I have great hopes that can be fixed.  More later


  1. Well if this is a hot mess then bring on the heat! Very interesting Boo!

  2. Hot stuff I'd say Boo ;D
    You've been so artistic and creative using so many textures. I think it's fantastic!