Monday, December 9, 2013

My Journey

My life and my art are my journey. My journey has had bumps and turns, ups and downs and I've learned about myself each step of the way.

Today I realized that sometimes my attitude toward the messenger gets in the way of the message. My experiences color how I see things. I'm not always the most positive person I know. Sometimes I'd rather be by myself than put up with other people's bull.

This is my first journal page in over a week. That is unusual for me. I've missed it. The act of creating, the paint, the glue, the paper ground me in a way nothing has in a long time. As I lost myself in this page I had no clue I was so introspective. The words on this page snuck up on me.  They mean a lot to me but I didn't see it because of the messenger that delivered them. It was only after they were covered in paint and torn out of the message that I realized they were so important to me.

This page was made with leftover pieces of a map of Tennessee and a Tim Holtz die.

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  1. I sure did enjoy my journey into Booville - I love your pages and your honesty. You are such a delight Boo!