Wednesday, December 25, 2013

$10 for Priceless Fun

A few years ago my family decided to stop exchanging gifts.  Now each Christmas Eve we play a dice game our friend, Archie, told us about.  Everyone brings 10 wrapped items that cost around a dollar. We roll dice and for each 6 you roll you get to take a package from the pile.  After all the gifts are gone (there were 80 this year) we go two more rounds and we can take packages from each other.

Then the fun begins because after we opens the packages we all start trading with each other.  It's loads of fun for $10.  The gifts usually include a few re-gifting items, lottery tickets, candy and a thing or two from the hardware and kitchen stores.  

Part of the fun is finding great deals throughout the year for this activity.  The BOO above my brother found after Halloween for $1.  It had been $16.99.  It was in one of my packages and it was the perfect gift for me.

I also found a Moleskine journal in my pile of goodies.  I think someone spent more than their allotted amount and it made my day!   

We had a wonderful time.  We have great memories and there was no stress over spending hours in the mall.  Some gifts we see year after year.  I think the plastic butter spreader made it's 4th appearance.  My nephew and brother would usually hide what they don't want under the couch in the den and then my mom would find it a month or two later.  Mom is not with us anymore but we all can still hear her saying.... "Now, don't put anything under the couch this year!!!"  I have reason to believe that something was put under it last night.  We'll see if my dad finds it.

We had a priceless amount of togetherness and laughter for $10.  I hope you enjoyed your time with your friends and family.


  1. Oh what a wonderful tradition to share with your family and/or friends! It certainly does sound like a lot of fun and I'm glad you enjoyed it Boo.
    We have had the mallest Christmas for many a year, most of the family couldn't afford to travel this year, so there are lots of missing faces. It did make me sad in the previous few days, I have to admit, but today I learnt the pleasure of having a little more room to spread out & relax or play games around the floor without having to tidy up first. Every cloud....;)
    Have a wonderfully happy & healthy 2014 Boo and may your wishes come true :o) x

  2. That sounds like brilliant fun Boo! I love your halloween Boo gift too, did you win it or steal it?! We were similarly restrained ourselves this year as our presents were a flight to New York!! Santa did surprise the kids 17,19 & 21 with stockings which they thought they'd got too old for, which is probably right...!!
    Happy Hols
    Wren x

  3. I went with my work mom, Miss Lettie, to her and her sister's Christmas Pajama Party and they did something similar but with only ornaments for the was so much fun! Especially the stealing part! :) I am happy there is a present hidden under the couch...that will be such a happy surprise for your dad! I love that your Boo sign has a second Boo in it! That's funny! <3 Big squishes!

  4. LOVE IT - LOVE IT - LOVE IT !!!!!