Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Documented Life Project

I've been in a bit of a slump as far as my art goes. I couldn't seem to get myself to the art table to play with paint. I don't know why I because as soon as I started getting painty I felt ever so much better.

I signed up for The Documented Life Project.  Click the link to learn more about it. This is the cover of my journal that I plan to use for the project.

I started with a Strathmore Mixed Media Journal.  I'm using it because the paper is thicker than plain planner paper.  It will take gesso and paint a bit better than light weight paper.  I used old book pages* to cover the front. I used gesso and matte medium to glue it down.  A watered down light purple paint is the next layer. 

The flowers are a Donna Downey stamp and I used Ranger Archival ink to stamp them so they would be permanent for my next wet layer.  The quote was found on Raw for Beauty facebook page.  I copied it into MS Publisher and changed the color so that it would go better with page.

The 2014 are The Angel Company stamps.  The green leaves are a Crafter's Workshop Stencil.  I used bubble wrap,  a piece of rubber rug backing and a medicine bottle lid to make the other decorative marks in orange, pink and yellow.  All the paint was inexpensive craft paint except for a bit of Golden's pink High Flow Acrylic.

* Part of the book paper is from an old book I found at the library for 50 cents. It's an old construction manual that is full of page after page of numbers.  I think it's formulas for mixing concrete and other building materials.  These days all of that figuring would be done on the computer.  I smile every time I use one of those pages because I know it must have been very important of some engineer years ago.


  1. Superb page Boo! I knew your muse would return & kick a$$ ;) What a fabulous way to start a new year. I wish you continued inspiration throught 2014, along with good health, happiness & unending joy in your life :o) *hugs* x

  2. Thanks so much for the direction. This sounds like a great project. Many Blessings for 2014. Janet PPF

  3. LOVE IT!!! It's beautiful, Boo! I love the quote, and the colors are fantastic! You make me want to do my cover right now, even though it goes against my usual's a tough decision... :)

    I have a little book that is a machinist's manual. Like yours, it's full of numbers and calculations. I got it for using in my art, but I like it so much how it is that I haven't used it yet...maybe I will have to be bolder...

    I can't wait to see more in your DL journal...and enjoy the steps of the journey with you! <3<3<3

  4. Wonderful colors with fabulous journal words to reflect on!