Friday, November 8, 2013

What Now?

Now what?  I have no clue where I want to go with this page.  It's not finished that's for sure.  I was inspired by a YouTube video by Vicky Papaioannou.  I loved her background with the squares.  I also seem to obsessed with letters and numbers these days so I went with what was calling me.  Now I have this really busy background and not clue about a focal point. 

I do plan to shade the edges and probably put a wash over the whole page to blend it all together a bit.  When I sat down to work, I hear the alphabet song in my head. I told you I was obsessed with letters!  The letters are stamps from Post Modern Design, Anna Griffin and I don't have the name of the third company.  The ink is Archival by Ranger.  I love all the colors of Archival Ink!

I'm going with an unfinished project for my post tonight. I've been thinking about the process again. I like finished projects and so I have to remind myself that the process is more important most of the time.  Why?  The process is very calming for me.  Submerging in the process removes the stress of work and life from me mentally and physically.  Anxiety goes away, aches and pains fade into the background and a wonderful peace descends upon me.  That may sound like mumbo jumbo to some of you but for me, it's the truth. My truth. I can not begin to tell you how blessed I feel because I have this peace in my life.  I wish each of you the same. 

Link: Art Everyday Month 


  1. Thank you for wishing us peace. I accept it. I think your piece is looking great. A wash would be great. :) Thanks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think it is really neat to post an unfinished project - we can see where you start and where you finish!