Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gelli Doodle Recycle Book

I'm participating in the Art Everyday Month and last night I just didn't want to sit at my art table so I thought I'd doodle. I have friends who are great doodlers.  It's not my strong point but I decided I wanted to play with my Sharpies so what better to do than doodle, right?   Doodling reminds me that it's about the creative process and that I won't always end up with a finished piece that I'll want to hang on the wall. Sometimes playing is the whole point. That was my attitude last night.   

I made a cute little book out of an magazine page (the cover), gelli prints (the pages) and some cotton string I've had forever in about 10 minutes.  A special thank you to Courtney Adair Johnson  who taught me how to make this quick mini book out of recycled papers when I attended the Hands On Creativity Day at Plaza Arts in Nashville.   


  1. What a gorgeous little book Boo! Making books is so much fun. x

  2. Fabulous Boo. I like making books too, I've got a few but they aren't very pretty, unlike this one. The sunflower is awesome and your owl is very cute I think :0) x

  3. What a fun little book!!! I have so many magazines, I think I will try one of these. Hugs, pamikins

    1. They are quick and easy. I may start making my own notebooks too.

  4. Do you hve any idea how talented you re? This is fabulous Boo - I want to learn how to make one of these little books. You are just soooo very talented. I love to visit you!!

  5. That's so sweet, Boo. I love that book! (I collected many papers meanwhile and making books out of them is on my list... somewhere... ;))