Sunday, November 10, 2013

Traveling The World Without Leaving Home.

Sometimes my muse takes a few days to get it together. This page was like that. Once I had the background, I couldn't decide what to do with it.  I finally decided between a page from a Dick and Jane reader from my childhood and these silhouettes.  I liked the reader page but it was too small for this page.

Art and Reading are two of my favorite past times. A perfect vacation for me is going to the beach with my friends, a few good books and some art supplies.  This page reminds me of those good times.  

I have traveled to outer space, watched dragons fly and learned about things I be too chicken to try in real life. I've meet many brave men and women and traveled all over the world... all through books.  

Learning to read is one of the greatest gifts of my life. It wasn't always easy for me. Comprehension was a problem for me as a child. I wasn't that "A" student in reading in elementary school. Today they would say I had a learning disability and I'd have had some special training to help with that. I was lucky. My SIL told me that I learned to compensate and I guess she is correct. I read strictly for pleasure and I only read fiction.  Non fiction usually puts me to sleep in about 10 minutes. The one non-fiction book I remember reading and not falling asleep was, Happiness Is An Inside Job by John Powell. It's an excellent book and I recommend you read it.

The tree was free handed by me.  After I'd cut it out I realized that using deckle scissors makes it look more real so I trimmed what I could with them.  The girl and boy images come from an online catalog called Northern Trading Company.  They are metal yard art silhouettes.  

I used a brown Montana marker to shade the squares and navy craft paint for the edges of the page. The words are written with a blue Sharpie Paint Pen and the doodling around the edge was done with a permanent Marvy black pen.

Thank you, Carol, for your doodle suggestion.  I think that was the final touch it needed.

Link: Art Everyday Month, Paint Party Friday, Artist Play Room


  1. Thanks, I'm starting to get the hang of trees. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment.

  2. Fabulous finish Boo. I like the quote very much. The tree is great & using deckled scissors is an inspired idea.
    I LOVE to read. I've always read and have taught my children & grandson the value of books. I volunteer in the nursery school library & enjoy helping the 3-5year old chose a book every week & teach them to respect books. Hope your week is going well :o) x

  3. I really, really like this piece Boo. I spent many a day as a child ( and still do) with book in hand under a tree and an art bag of goodies by my side. Some things never change and that's good :)
    Sometimes a little bit of doodle is all a piece needs to complete it!

  4. I certainly like what you've done. The letters look like wooden blocks (children's blocks). Good job with it all. I did horrible in school and hated it. . .but college I had a above average grades. I loved it. . . and graduated. Blessings, Janet PPF

  5. So true - so true!!! Wonderful idea Boo!