Monday, November 11, 2013

Dies Make Great Stencils and Masks

I spent time playing with my Big Shot this afternoon.  I made some die cuts for a mini book I'm planning.  I also made cut these dies and stencils using a Spellbinder Leave Die Set.

I think these leaves will work well on the round gelli plate everyone is going on and on about.  I don't have a round gelli plate so a friend, cut me an 8" round stencil that I will try instead.  I'll report my results later.  

My plan is to do something creative everyday in November as part of a challenge.  Cutting these and planning how to use them was enjoyable mainly because it was different from what I've been working on lately.  

I cut these out of what was left from my cereal box cardboard. Using recycled materials is becoming a challenge in itself.
                                                     What are you going creative right now?

Link to: Creative Everyday Month


  1. What a great idea...and to be creative every day for a month is a fantastic challenge.
    Good luck ;D

  2. The more I see of those die cuts you make, the more i want a 'big shot'... not good, Boo!!! My budget is limited, you know ;))
    They look really really good, Boo.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier - so nice of you :)

  3. I do think it is a good idea although I haven't tried mine yet.