Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doggone Happy Mail

Recently my friend, Sweet Red Clover joined a doodle a day swap. The left cat was her doodle for the word black. I liked him so much I tried my hand at drawing him. Mine is the one on the right.  

Dogs are my favorite animals in the whole so I asked Sweet to draw me a dog.. The pup (top dog) arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It made my whole day. It really did. I had a stressful time at my day job and that pup cheered me considerably. Thank you so much, Sweet Red Clover. I tried drawing her puppy but I didn't have much success. I ended up drawing my version of Scooter, my dog. This is my most recent photo of Scooter... He couldn't decide if he wanted me to touch him with my blue Gelli plate hand or not. 


  1. Very nice and yes it does look like Scooter is apprehensive about being touched at the moment. tee hee.:)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you like the puppy dog and especially that he arrived just when you needed him! (Sometimes being late works out for the best! Haha!) I love that you called him "top dog"...that made me smile! :)

    Scooter is so cute! I love his ears and the mustache-y part of his face...I really like your drawing of him too. He looks fun and full of energy!

    Scooter will have to give Fusco (the drop-off wonder dog) lessons about apprehension towards art supplies...I have a hard time convincing Fusco NOT to lick my hands when they are covered in paint and gesso and matte medium. That's the only time he tries to lick them! I have to run to the sink and clean them right away or he will sneakily find a way to lick them! He's a crafty one, that Fusco! :)

  3. I just think you are super talented and so willing to try anything!!