Sunday, October 6, 2013


This spread is done in one of my junk journals.  The background on the left side was done with a handmade stamp I made at my Stamp Retreat.  I stamped with Stazon and used watered down acrylic paint to add the colors to it.  

The right side background was done with a Delta stencil and drywall compound with a bit of orange paint mixed in it.  I painted over the whole page with spring green paint and then sanded a bit of the green paint off so the orange would peek through. 

The flower is a Gelli print.  The girls are gelli prints and a stencil the Lori made for me using her Cricut.  The numbers are also gelli prints. A friend found a role of joke toilet paper (it has no perforations so it won't tear) and I printed the numbers using the gelli plate and a number stencil.  The white rectangles are made with a little rectangle piece that I saved from the trash. I have no clue what it originally was but it's great on a page.  I may go back and add the word Attitude. That word keeps coming to mind when I look at the page.

Link: October Gelli Print Party, Paint Party Friday


  1. I love the reverse shadow style here with all the great color...I did attitude this week too!! Wonderful page! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love what you've done here Boo. The stencils are fab & they have great attitude ;) I like the idea of painting the whole page then sanding to reveal a colour underneath. I really must try it.
    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment with all the projects I have on, I'm finding it difficult to create for the joy of it, with the pressure I've put on myself to join this that & the other; everything is so wonderful I just want to join in too, but I'm not skilled enought to be quick, but I am determined to see them through & then try to ensure I don't take too much more on, so that I can play more & learn new things & try out things like you've done here. I will. I know I will. :0))

  3. Hey Boo - you are so very creative and I love what you do. You always leave me smiling. I tried to get on to Facebook with what I used the day you helped me and could not for the life of me get on. I am tired of screwing with this!!!!!!!! Keep up your posting and the wonderful work!

  4. Boo I love this page... attitude is always cool on you... you exude it like mad... and a magnificent touch of madness as well... and a huge handful of generous spirit, and coolness and a bucket load of wonderful... xx

  5. Now that has attitude for sure!
    I love it and I have to confess I did have a giggle about the toilet paper :D

  6. Loving their attitude! They stand out and own these pages! So glad you shared with the party!