Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Memory

The doll is made by Prima and was stamped on deli paper. The shoes are from a really old Stampin' Up set...  I love those little feet. I just could not resist those shoes with that fancy dress. I stamped her weeks ago and couldn't decide what to do with her.  

Today, it hit me... she is so me.  She reminds me of a shopping trip with my Mom and Sister. I was getting married and we were shopping for a wedding dress and fancy night gown. They were just horrified when I stood in the dressing room trying on wedding dresses in knee socks and tennis shoes. That was sooo me. 

This is the very first art journal page I've done about that time in my life. I'm grateful to have happy memories of my mom, sister and me together. I'm grateful I can remember the good times again.


  1. Love the shoes Boo - I am grinning from ear to ear. You are such a joy to follow!

  2. How wonderful to have unexpected memories. The dress is beautiful & floaty light & of course the shoes are super cute :0) Mo x

  3. A beautiful journal page today Boo.
    It's a priviledge to have you share your wonderful memories with us.
    The shoes are gorgeous.
    1976 was a very good year for me too!
    Have a wonderful week :D

  4. What a wonderful memory ... such a funny story Boo! Great page!

  5. This is a fantastic memory, Boo! Wonderful!