Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stress is Stressful

What do you do when you are stressed?  I use to eat copious quantities of things made with chocolate and/or covered in salt.  That doesn't work for me so well these days. I have found that recently I've been burying myself in books.  Books are a nice safe place to hide. There are usually unrealistic people in books that I wish would live with me.  Or I wish I could be as free and easy as the heroine in the story.  That's not going to happen. "I yam who I yam,"  as Popeye use to say.  I'm not going to learn to fly a helicopter and I'm not going to have a wild and crazy affaire with a mysterious young man who seems to be perfect.... not going to happen. 

I am rambling I realize.  My work life (the part that pays the bills so I can play with paint and feed Scooter) is in disarray.  My co-worker is retiring and I've been anxious about that.  I'm not sleeping so well and my stomach is a mess some days.  Yep, classic symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Wish I were rich because a few therapy sessions would be welcome right now.   

What I've found is, the stress has been messing with my muse.  Now that is just not acceptable.  I have all these wonderful play toys and I haven't been using with them.  "Why?" I'm finally asking myself. My inner child is the creative part of me.  She loves paint, getting her hands messy and tossing things around as she uses them.  She is also the one that worries about things changing.  She's the one that is worrying in the middle of the night.  I haven't been doing my part to take care of her.   She has been running the show for about three weeks now... That is not working for me.  

Today I took her to the art table even though I didn't want to.  We need to play.  This is the results of our playtime.  I took pieces of paper sitting on the table and made a collage.  The alphabet is the back of a package.  The bicycle and the yellow stripe are washi tape I peeled off an envelope from my friend, Amber in Louisiana.  There is a bit of a gelli print and piece of a napkin, as well.  The words are also from Amber.  I thought they were appropriate for how I've been feeling.  How did she know to put those words on my envelope?  

How do you handle stress?  


  1. Well for a lady with an absent muse, your page is wonderful Boo. As for stress.....well, I clean & tidy & attack my ironing with gusto,
    when it strikes.
    Guess what?
    I have a very untidy house! Lol
    I am very lucky that I don't get stressed very often, so I generally get away with a bout of neatly pressed clothes.
    I hope your work/life settles back down very soon and your muse returns with with ideas aplenty. *hugs* Mo

  2. Hey Boo - Congratulations for being able to do a really neat collage when you are so stressed. Like you, I go into my books and I find that reading helps the creative side. Reading is so relaxing - I do love to read.

  3. I think I may be living in your looney bin. LOL You are so right stress is a big buster of all things creative. Great post. xox

  4. Me and Mo are the same...when I get really upset, I clean. It's the only time I ever want to house is generally a gigantic mess, but when I get nervous or stressed or angry, I spit shine the thing! My husband has learned to stay out of the way if he sees me with any kind of cleaning implement in my hand!

    I also try to do my art...that helps me when I don't quite know why I'm upset. For instance, why are you stressed about your co-worker retiring? Is she your good friend? Are you nervous about who they'll get to replace her...or that they won't get anyone and you'll have to do it all yourself? What is it that bothers you about the situation?

    I have to do this a lot (you know, you read my insanity on a regular basis!), because the thing I think I'm upset about might not REALLY BE what I'm upset about. But once I figure out the root problem, then I can figure out the solution, or at least figure out how to calm my nerves. And honestly, since it comes down to arting it out or know which one I'd rather!

    I hope you find your stress reliever! Love you! <3 <3 <3