Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gesso Texture

I decided to play around with gesso texture. The pictures don't how the results too well so you'll have to take my word for it.  

I painted thick gesso on my page and then partially dried it. I wrote the words with a pencil. I would use a stylus if I did this again so I wouldn't have lead marks in my words. 
I covered the left side of my page with paper so I would only color part of the page at a time.  I used Adorandack and Dylusions spray inks. I let them run a bit so I could get color in the words.  That didn't show enough color for me so after everything was dry, I traced inside my words with colored pencils. Each word is about a 16th of an inch deep. It feels cool when you rub your hand across the page.  The stars are made with a piece of sequin waste my friend, Robin, gave me. I love it. The swirls are a stencil.  I use Adorandack ink and a stencil brush with the stencils.  

This page was very easy.  My concern was trying to keep the colors from running together and making mud.  I've avoided using the water based ink because they don't dry permanent.  This is my best success with the water based inks thus far. 


  1. Your two pages are gorgeous Boo!! I love the fact that you just jump right in and it shows your love for working in an art journal!! I am going to try and follow you kid!!

  2. Superb colours on your pages Boo! Loving the the patterns too :0)

  3. Very beautiful colors and designs.