Monday, September 16, 2013

Flutterby Mr. Butterfly

Gelli Printing is just plain fun.  The color combinations and the textures are endless.  Each pull is a surprise.  As you can probably tell, I like color.  Oranges, Blues, Hot Pinks... have been calling to me all summer.  The background of this page is made with pieces of Gelli Prints.  I tore them and glued them in a random arrangement. The flower is another set of Gelli prints done with a flower stencil that I bought at WalMart and then cut out.  

Then the doodle bug hit me and I doodled away until my butterfly was born.  This page is a bit simple. That's one of the joys of an Art Journal.  Anything goes... even a 4 line ditty about the change in seasons.  I won't win a poetry award but it made me happy to write it, so this page was a success.  

I've heard many people talk about the Zen-like meditation they experience while doodling. Doodling doesn't affect me that way.  Cutting does... I can go almost into a trace while trimming images.  I could do it for hours if my elbow didn't protest.  Years ago when I taught stamping classes, my students would moan because my samples always had neatly trimmed images. I would have a card finished before I realized that I'd spent 45 minutes trimming all those tiny pieces of paper.  

Link to: Sept. Gelli Party, Paint Party Friday


  1. So pretty Boo! I LOVE the flower (the numbers coming through the paint is VERY COOL!) and I like your poem! This past weekend was the very thing your poem described...just the best cool and sunny weather...the fall (my favorite!) is coming!

    I'm jealous of your zen cutting...that is NOT what I experience at all! :) Maybe I need to do it more know, make it a practice and then it would happen. I do get like that with drawing and using my watercolors sometimes though...not always, but sometimes, and then those are usually the pages I'm the most happy with.

    I miss talking to you. I need to be a better email responder. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by life right now, and I know I will feel much better if I can talk to my pals more often! I love you though, and I do miss you and the other gals as well...soon, soon, soon, I swear it! <3<3<3

  2. Fabulous page Boo. Love your flower & your flutterby & your poem is very sweet. I love cutting out too. I've been cutting a sheet or ten of Christmas tags & toppers, ready to get card making with a friend. Like your elbow, I have problems with my thumbs, so I have to limit my snip snipping too. Age does not come alone :o) xx

  3. Hi Boo - Glad to see you are keeping busy! How fabulous to let the Doodle Bug creativity take over.
    Here's to Zen cutting, flutterbys and flowers!

  4. Darn I lost my comment. Boo I love these pages - I really do! Sooner or later I will be well enough to get down to my craft room and play and I want to experiment with my never been opened Gelli plate. You show so much freedom and fun in your art journal - wonderful and I mean that so much. Maybe next week I can get back on Facebook. I probably forgot how to do everything!!

  5. I could get lost in Gelli printing the way doodler's do with your colors and and layers - esp. love how the cutting of the flower adds to the pages! So glad you shared this with the party!