Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Everyone Needs a Hideaway

Did you ever wish you had a house at the beach or a cabin in the woods?  A place that was quiet and peaceful?  My place would be at the beach. The beach conjures the sound of ocean waves and a lazy days. 

This is my imaginary beach house by the sea.  It's quiet, has a wonderful space with lots of windows for my studio and has a screened in porch that faces the ocean where I can nap.  It also has room for a least 5 art friends to visit and play for hours on end.  Since it's imaginary, it also has someone who cooks for us so we can play with paint and ink all day long.  Do you have an imaginary place?

The house is made from a very cool piece of paper I've had for years. It's shiny and looks like real wood. I torn the edges to give it a rustic look.  The windows are a gelli print that I stenciled with a screen pattern.  The tree was done with a catalyst tool and the leaves were made with a pallet knife.  The letters are stick ons that someone was getting rid of and of course I took them.  

Link: September Colorful Gelli Party


  1. what a neat page, Boo. I like it a lot! It's nice to have an imaginary place like that... I love to dream up place too. Well, just adding this here as I forgot to answer on fb: No AC or such in the tree house, but table, chairs lofts with two beds and a sleeper sofa (room for two as well) and a little balcony with deck chairs... so if ever, you would need to come in fall or spring, when temps are perfect... and you would have to use our bathroom and kitchen ;)

  2. Wow Boo! Can I be one of your friends ? I can cook and clean!! I love your pages and I adore your imagination.

  3. What a fantastic hideaway Boo. I love all the colours and textures and I can hear the sea rustling, like those gorgeous leaves in a breeze. I will bring my bread maker so that we can wake every morning to the smell of fresh bread :0) x

  4. Oh Boo! I love your hideaway! It's perfect. I am so amazed by what you can do with your gelli plate! I am coming to visit you in your hideaway right now so that we can make art and have a nice hug...I am in need of a nice hug today...and sit on your screened porch in the morning and drink some lovely coffee or tea and just have some peace! Big squishes and daydreams of your hideaway for us both! <3 <3 <3

  5. Oh yes please.... I'd like a house like that. Love your imaginary house, and that gorgeous tree.

    1. Thanks! You are welcome to come and visit anytime.

  6. This is so colorful and happy. I would come play with you any day!

  7. Please can I come too ;D
    What an ideal sounds just perfect!
    That's exactly where I need to be and not distracted from art.