Monday, September 9, 2013

Gelli Fun

The Gelli Plate is a never ending journey of fun.  Yesterday I posted my homemade stamps and when I started playing with them I thought about how cool they would look if a slid them across the ink. This is so darn easy with the Gelli Plate.  I think the picture to the left will end up being on the cover of one of my art journals.  I love how it looks with the letter stretched.  The color is a mixture of blue and hot pink paint.  I love how they mix to make a purple color in some places. 

Below is a print I made while trying to clean off the other ink on the plate.  The head is a Julie Fei-Fan Balzer stencil.  You can see bits of the purple from a previous peeking through in places. 
Link to: September Colorful Gelli Party


  1. This is fandabulous Boo. The lettering is wonderful. I added 'handles' to my cardboard stamps too. Makes them so much easier to handle doesn't it. Your Julie F-FB stencil is awesome :0)

  2. I LOVE the sliding letters! They are too awesome! I swear you make me want a gelli plate so much! I am watching my pennies like a hawk, but maybe I could try the homemade version...I think the supplies for that are pretty cheap...I will have to try it anyway. You are getting such neat images! <3 <3 <3

  3. My word Boo! This is wonderful!! I really like what happened when you used your stamps and moved them. Can't you see all kinds of ideas for the pages of your art journal as well as the cover. All I can say is - you are clever and this is wonderful!!

  4. I love that you have bits of purple peeking through! Your words this wonderful feeling of movement because of your sliding! So glad you shared this with the party!

  5. wow - love the effect you got with the sliding stamps! TFS with the party Boo.