Friday, August 2, 2013

Embrace Imperfection

I read an article in Art Journal Magazine where they asked the artist were there any recurring themes in her journals.  That came to mind today as I looked at this page.  Houses are a recurring theme for me.  I also notice that leaning buildings is another one for me.  I know that when I draw, my houses tend to tilt and now I see that they do, also, when I cut them out and glue them onto the page.  I never see this until I scan them into the computer.   In years past this would have bothered me.  I would never have posted a less than perfect (at least in my eyes) picture for the world to see....  Today... I think... oh well... it gives it character and maybe I'll become known for leaning houses and misspelled words.  Today, I will embrace the imperfection of my work because it reflects who I really am... an imperfect child of God.. living the best I can day to day.

This page was inspired by my friend, Jana, who was visiting Germany and took pictures of wonderful old buildings.  There are two pictures because when I finished the one on the left, I knew it needed something more.  I didn't know what so I let it sit for a bit.  I showed it to my trusted friends and asked them if they thought it needed cobblestones.  Jana replied that she had walked on a lot of cobblestones when she took her pictures.  I think they were exactly what it needed.  I'm happy with it now.



  1. You have got very good idea. In the first painting the buildings "flies" a little, but in the second one they are beautifully on cobblestones.
    Great painting about old houses.

  2. Sweet, yes the cobblestones make a big difference in filling the piece out...Love imperfection, I do it so well. xox

  3. I love those little houses. I have been wanting to try drawing some "whimsy" houses.

  4. how very interesting - I read a doodles interpretation book once about how what you tend to draw talks about your inner psyche - but I forget what houses mean! possibly a seeking of nor being concerned with a stable place? Adorable drawings anyhow

  5. I think I saw Jana's pictures and how fun now to see your inspired art. So cute! I love houses in art.

    Happy PPF!

  6. Thanks for being inspired by my pictures, Boo :)
    BTW - when we went to Amsterdam, we saw not one, but many buildings that are leaning. Due to the fact that houses are built on pillars and the old ones are made from wood... Overtime, the structures put so much pressure on the wood, that the wood doesn't withstand it 100%. There you go - leaning is perfect ;)