Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Dog Helped With This One

What! The dog helped with this one????  Yep, my inspiration came from the pieces of paper and fabric Mr. Scooter found in the studio and left on the living room floor.

Scoots and I have an ongoing thing with the scraps. If it falls to the floor, he believes it's fair game.  I come home most afternoons to some bit of painted paper on the living room floor. I think he checks out every square inch of the studio after I leave for work each day. He doesn't bring everything that's on the floor... he seems to be very selective.  

Today I found a piece of a map and some dyed fabric. I glued the pieces he left me plus others that were on or under my desk to my page. I love how a piece of a gelli print, a mop up towel, fabric and a map can be combined into a piece of art.  The background colors are combination of acrylic paint and my new Prang Glitter Watercolors. The drywall tape was already on the page.  I'm hoping it will hold this book together.  I didn't take out any pages of this altered book when I started it and now it's falling to pieces.  That is an added challenge to me.

The letters and numbers are a leftover piece from a page I did on Sunday. They are from a Stamp Up embossing folder. I cut them out and placed them randomly.  It was looking pretty good until I decided to doodle.  That did NOT go well.  I finally took a water bottle and sprayed the whole page making the doodles run rivulets down the page.  All that water and the a light gesso wash muted it and bit more cohesive.  This is the first page I've done without a focal point.  Different for me and I like it.


  1. I love this spread, especially the way you un-doodled the letters and numbers! They look really cool! I also like the randomly colored in dots in the drywall tape (I need to go to Lowe's!) I hope Scoots get extra treats for his hard work in the studio and helping you to make such an AWESOME spread! <3

  2. Hey Boo!! Pretty good pages to me! I have a bind it all (I think that is what it is called) and somewhere along the line, it was suggested to me to make my individual pages first and then put it together.
    When I first look at your pages, my eyes gravitate to the greens and then they kind of focus on the blues. I love the colors!

  3. Fabulous page Boo. I love the colours & the map pieces 'peeking' through and the letters and the threads sticking from the cloth. I agree with Sweet about Scoot getting extra treats ;0)

  4. a stunning story about this spread... I enjoyed reading and I can tell you-- I loke your spread!
    would be great to see you at

    1. Thanks, Susi. Sometimes the story is as much fun as the art.