Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be The Star Of Your Story

I had a few days of low mojo. So, I put forth a challenge in Mixed Media Madness in hopes it would inspire me as well as my fellow artists.  The challenge was... use ephemera that was given to you by someone else.  Mixed Media Artists are know for sending cool "stuff" to each other.  We just can't help ourselves.  

This is the result of my challenge.  I started with many different pieces of paper from newspapers. They came from Germany, Sweden and Norway.  Some of the print is in Arabic and some is Oriental Characters. Not sure what language.  I dripped paint from the top of the page in Purple and Turquoise.  I painted with a light coat of purple and pink paint and used a baby wipe to remove part of it.  I added another gesso wash. I stenciled some white using a piece of drywall tape.  I stamped with turquoise paint. I just kept adding layers until I liked the background. 

I cut the stars from book pages painted them with a turquoise wash.  The words are printed with a oil based sharpie paint pen and then outlined with a white sharpie paint pen.  The B is a metal letter I used as a mask.  The word story is outlines with a Montana Paint marker.  I can see more of those in my future.  The small stars are actually painted with gold paint and are from a friend in Germany.  

The sentiment for this page has been running around in my head for a while.  Many of us in Mixed Media Madness have days where we doubt we are artists.  We doubt our work.  This page is to remind me that I want, I need, to be the star of my life story.  I don't need to compare my work to anyone else's work.  Each of us is unique and our art reflects that uniqueness. Everyone likes to be encouraged.  In M3 we are about encouraging each other.  I love to read the comments our members make about our art because we each see something different.  Some of us see the whole and others see all the parts that make the whole so special.  M3 has helped me see with new eyes.  I am very blessed to know this group of Mixed Media Artists.


  1. Awesome spread Boo. I like the background very much. The colours are wonderful & the sentiment perfect. You are indeed a STAR.
    What is in the central tag? Secret words for your eyes only? :0) x

  2. Now I want to make something with stars on it!!! I really love this page Boo! The lettering is totally awesome, especially the 'b' and 'story' and the more I look at it the more things I find that I think are my favorite thing! It just must all be my favorite! I really like the meaning of the page especially. You are the star of your life story, and you shine so brightly and beautifully in my sky too! <3

    You are absolutely right, we ARE all unique and special. I love M3 because we do all bring something different to the group, and yet we all blend together so perfectly. And that's an awesome thing!

    Big squishes and smooches!