Friday, April 5, 2013

Thoughts of Monet with the Gelli Plate

I spent the afternoon Gelli Printing with my friend, Theresa.  This was her first adventure into Gelli Printing and she took to it like a duck to water.  She is very free & brave with color and I learned from her today.  

I printed this one after watching her for a while.  The lady is a mask I cut from a silhouette I found on line.  If you read my blog you have to recognize my friend, Umbrella Man.  I seem to be having a love affair with umbrellas in my art.   The grid stencil in the corner is by Studio Calico (thank you, Jen).  

We got the cool textured look by using my old Fiskar brayer than has changeable brayers. This was done with the Speckle brayer.  There is something about this piece that brings to mind Monet.  That I could ever make a piece of art that even hints at Monet is mind boggling to me.  I really like this piece.  I may add it to my journal with only a few words.  

Link to Artist Play Room


  1. I love this print too, Boo. I had a chuckle when you mention the umbrella man... he really seems to like you a lot ;)

  2. Love the colors in the background!

  3. very nice. the grid mask is by studio calico...i have it too. ;)