Sunday, April 7, 2013


I started this project with Jenn's prompt from APR in my mind.  The theme is fruit.  I've had part of an orange bag sitting on my table for a couple of weeks and when I saw her prompt, I knew I'd use it.  

I started with thick gesso and then embedded the mesh into the gesso while it was wet.  Then I took a dragonfly stamp and stamped into the wet gesso to get fossil like images.  I also had a sewing tracing wheel and made some marks with it in the gesso.

I was having a Donna Downey moment and wanted drippage so I made some watered down orange craft paint and made a wonderful mess dripping orange paint down my book.  Then I used a hot pink ink refill and dripped that too.  It went a little wild so I had to spritz it which made my colors run together a bit.  It took forever to dry this before I could continue.

It needed another color so I used Ranger Sailboat blue around the edges.  Then I remembered I had Ranger painting nibs and thought I could paint inside the dragonfly indentions with them.  That was fun once I got the hang of it.  I also wrote play with the nib and colored in blue spots here and there.  I went over the mess with the blue inked nibs also.  Last I used dark blue Stazon ink to stamp on the deli paper I'd been using to protect my other pages.  I love the BE BOLD.  All the words were stamped from Dollar Bin stamps from Micheal's.  

I didn't paint fruit but I sure used orange in this project.  My thought for today is BE BOLD.. bold in my use of color, bold in making my own drippage paint, bold in not freaking when I had hot pink ink on everything.  I played today and it was such fun!

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  1. I love this page Boo! Te net is a great idea, and all the different elements you incorporated are fab and your stamping into the wet gesso is so successful, I'm lucky to get a blurred image, so I just clear it off, lol. Did you use a rubber stamp or clear? :0) Mo x
    ps - loving the blue thumb too!

  2. Great spread. It really popped out at me from Creative Everyday. Love the manipulation of wet gesso and drips!

  3. so fun!! love the blue and orange. It's a great message to start the day with!!

  4. Color and creative work ~ Wonderful! ^_^

  5. you have got that boldness thing DOWN, Boo!! love what you did and how you did it, too!!

  6. I love the use of gesso and the orange net, such lovely textures.

  7. I love your process and the end projects are so interesting!