Monday, April 8, 2013

I Wanted To Play... So I Did!

This page was created by my inner child.  The little kid inside me who wants to play, wants to be brave and try something new but just isn't sure she can do it.

Since Friday, I've heard her voice in my head.  I want to paint.  I want to draw the sun... I want to make more houses. So today, we played. 

I am hesitant to paint because I don't draw well, so I started with stamped flowers.  All the flowers are from the same set.  A friend gave them to me and I have no clue who made them.  If you know, please email me so I can add the company name to my blog. 

I used a credit card and craft paint to make the grass.  I colored the flowers with Derwent Inktense pencils.  The sun is a made with an Accucut School die we have at our office.  I tried spray inks but the didn't work well on the gesso so I went back and painted it with yellow craft paint. I outlined the sun with my white Stabilo All Pencil.  

The house was a little time consuming but so fun.  I cut it freehand from chip board and used navy craft paint over a light purple craft paint.  The roof actually has individual shingles made from stamping a flowers on a book page and cutting them into pieces.  

The last thing I did to this page was the cross hatches.  They are done with a piece of corrugated cardboard and gesso.  It was so fun and easy to do.  I may have to do a wall like that.

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  1. That is lovely. I recently began an art journal. I did all the things I never considered "real art" I drew childish fairies, painted freehand with no drawing first......had so much fun I filled two books. I am starting my 3rd one. I may be a little more disciplined in this one. STill its a great way to experiment and takes so little time that I get to enjoy creating. I can also rip out pages that do not please hehe
    Love yours, hope you will show more I will follow you...........