Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trash is Treasure

My friend, Theresa, posted an art journal page she did using the paper that protects her table.  That gave me the idea for this page.  

The background is strips of paper I used as clean up sheets or sheets to protect my book.  They are all pieces of paper I would have thrown away a few years ago. Now I see the trash as treasure. More and more often these days, I find a   use for something I would have tossed a few years ago.  

The new APR challenge this week is Something You Overlook.  How interesting that I was just writing about tossing these wonderful pieces of art because I thought they were trash.  Jenn & I seem to be on the same wave length. 

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  1. hey, fantactic idea!! I just started doing backgrounds for a tiny handmade book I got as a christmas present, now I'll kep the scrap papers that I use to protect the next page as the painted page dries!! So cool and it totally fits the theme.

  2. I haven't been able to think of an idea for What Do You Overlook, and yours is such a good approach. Makes an interesting page, with so much to look at. Like it.

  3. Fabulous page Boo. We are both on the same wavelength, except you use your 'scrap' paper, I'm still collecting, lol. I WILL get around to using it I know I will. Meantime, I know what I am doing for this theme. Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead :0) Mo x

  4. I am all for recycling bits and pieces in my art andt they sometimes end up being favorites!! Love your piece...
    xo Maron

  5. I too love the thought of making something from nothing. Great idea for the APR challenge. I LOve the dragonflies ( personal favourite of mine too ) :)

  6. brilliant!! I love how fun this is and I am like you, too, in that I make art from my baby wipes that I use for my paintings. I am just Now sewing them into little giraffe head stuffies for my Year of the Giraffe with Carla Sonheim. I love using my scraps to make collage backgrounds, too. however, I get to the point where I HAVE TO make myself throw things away...

    [am having a problem with my email NOT sending, but I got your comment and wanted to say that you are NOT the only one!! I have another friend who managed somehow to follow it but I think YOU told me there wasn't a way to DO that... anyhow, thanks for your encouraging words... p.s. there is another email that got hung up Saturday thanking you for a comment, too...]

  7. So glad you kept this "trash" - it is fabulous here!

  8. I can't believe I hadn't commented on this! I love dragonflies and the colour and composition of this page is just beautiful. :)

  9. Beautiful page - love using that mop-up as background.

  10. This idea is wonderful! Make treasure from trash! I really love it! The journal page is great! Even more because of the wonderful message!