Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Gelli Plate - A Recycler's Dream Tool

I'm having a blast making my own masks and stencils and playing with my Gelli plate. Fair warning..  Gelli printing is addicting.  It's also going to be the recycler's best friend.  There is a huge clothes hamper next to my desk at the office that we use to recycle paper.  I grabbed a few 11x17 sheets to try with my Gelli plate.  Let me just say, the recycle bin will have less paper in the future.  The thought of using all the paper a second time for art just makes my heart flutter.   All my non crafty co-workers will just roll their eyes as I leave each day with a stack of recycle paper.  
Finished Book Page
Any of you out there married to an engineer?  I'm dreaming of a book full of schematics.  Just think how fun those boring (sorry engineers) schematics would look gellli printed.  Oh... blue prints would look great Gelli printed too.  Those inserts that come inside medication.... the ones with all those tiny words and little drawings would look cool gelli printed.  Computer code would be great too.  Oh and the directions to everything that come in 8 languages would make great backgrounds.  Sheet music would also be fantastic gelli printed.

This is the print from the Gelli Plate
Do you see a pattern here?  My mind is just racing with possibilities.  I'm having this great desire to go dumpster diving in search of cool paper.  And think about this.... all this cool paper would be free.  We'd be saving the environment, it would cost nothing and we'd have great art to show for it.

The lady above is printed on a page from a magazine. She is a homemade mask.  I found a picture I liked.  Printed it on card stock. Covered it with clear packing tape to kind of water proof it and then cut it out. Instant mask.  I did the same with the chevron.  

Have you made any homemade stencils or masks?


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  2. Boo, this is absolutely great. I must give it a try, printing on magazine pages - super idea!!

    This is Gabriele from artatag.

  3. Thanks....I was updating the post while you were typing. I've added the finished Altered Book page.

  4. I love the ideas of using recycled paper from work! I work in an office setting too, and I bet I could swipe some papers with no problem...the ladies in my office roll their eyes at me too about art and crafty stuff...our brains are different than theirs! We are fruitloops in a cheerio world, and there's nothing wrong with that at all! :)

    1. Thanks. I went by my office this evening and found a huge stack of paper someone had tossed. Yipeeee.. lots of printing for me.

  5. This is so cool Boo! Schematics and blue prints would look amazing Gelli printed! I've only ever made 2 stencils and I have to say they work better than the ones I've bought. I should really make more.

    1. Thank you. It was fun. Now to find some schematics.

  6. Hello Boo...your video was great with al the things you've used in combination with the gelli plate!! So a pleasure to repin it.
    At this moment I don't have the gelli plate still takes some I'm chasing the internet for creative ideas.

    You do great with it, I just saw on this blog!!

    Bye bye, Alie :-)

  7. Hi Boo! Great post and I think your recycling ideas are BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing on your blog (I just shared on Gelli's fb and pinterest pages too). Also wanted to give you a heads up to stay away for ALL GLOSSY papers in the recycling bin... we have learned they can stick/adhere to the Gelli plate and cause damage to that side of the plate. Other than that... happy dumpster diving and Gelli printing!!
    Gelli Arts®