Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ooops = Opportunities

Gelli Prints... Oooos got to remember
to write backwards 
I seem to have a couple of re-occurring themes recently.  Recycle something into art and errors are opportunities for growth and creativity.  

This is the first page in a new altered book I've started. The book is a complete class manual for WordPerfect 6.1  If you are my age you will remember WordPerfect 5.0 and 6.1.  I loved WordPerfect.  It would do so many wonderful things and it had my favorite thing.... reveal codes.  Reveal codes was where you could go to see exactly what you told a document to do.  If I had  pesky spacing or some weird formatting, reveal codes would show it to me and I could get rid of it easily.

I miss WP and Reveal Codes.  They were like old friends... tried and true.  To be marketable in the world today, I had to learn MS Word.  Blagh!  Boo Hiss.  I use it but I don't have to love it and I don't!   I do like MS Publisher so that is what I work in most of the time these days.

I digressed... and yet I didn't.  Reveal Codes was forgiving of errors in the typing world.  My Altered Books and Art Journaling are forgiving in my creative world.  Every mistake, ooops or misspelled word is an opportunity for me to stretch and to think of ways to make even a mistake into art.  I have to work a little harder or be a more little clever to work an error into a piece of art.  I could just toss them into the trash but it's more fun to work with them.   Most people buck the system when they are teenagers... Not me... I've waited until I was in my 50s to say... "I don't have to follow all the rules."  I can make art out of anything and my only rule is:  I have to have fun while I'm doing it.   What are you making these day?  Are you having fun doing it?  I sure hope so.

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  1. i love the colors in this, the parchment-like color with the wine. this looks terrific and you're right, oops=opportunity, lol..

  2. Wonderful, totally with you on the recycle theme, Thanks so much for sharing the geli plate link. I received my 1st plate in the post a few days before I hurt my arm so haven't had much opportunity to experiment, it seems such fun and you get such brilliant effects as you have illustrated here!

  3. Wow Boo, what a fabulous page and a fabulous mindset. I'm in my fifties too and am just getting to grips with learning to enjoy & learning to draw. I drew my first mug the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. It's encouraging. And so is reading posts like this. thank you. :0) Mo

  4. love this one, Boo!! and I remember WP well. loved those reveal codes. thanks for the memories.

  5. I spent too many years myself stressing over the oops-I am with you- they are opportunities!