Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lost In Thought... Give Me the Add Ons....

I belong to several blogs that encourage sharing your art work.  This layout is for

Artist's Play Room  and Inspire Me Monday,  I enjoy being part of creative blog 
communities that appreciate my art and inspire me with theirs. I am learning so
much from being part of these communities.
This is another one of my pages that started out as a clean up page.  I hate to waste paint so if I have any left over I paint it on to an empty page.  This one had yellow, aqua, purple and white from previous projects.  

This was an "add a" page.  I had no plan other than to use the bird (stamped with a Hero Arts stamp that I made on Friday and didn't use.  I added more paint.  Then I added for gesso, then I added aqua dots and then purple dots...the I added the tiny strips of color.. They are the piece that is between the US postage stamps of Monsters Inc. (you know, the ones with Boo on them.)  I had all this color and white and bird and a huge empty space.  Out came my new Delta stencil.  I LOVE this flower stencil.  It was till a little blah so I outlined my flowers in three different colors and added green accents around the border.  I also used my new Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pen to make purple circles around my dot border.  The dots were made with the eraser of a pencil. See what I mean... I kept adding on and on and on to this page.  Oh... then I added the words... I wrote them on grid paper in permanent marker and used water color pens to color the back ground.  I still want to add more and I know if I do I'm going to mess up this page if I don't stop, so I had to put it across the room where I can't reach it.  

This page will tell you one thing about me.  Some days I just get lost in the thought process of creating. I was like that with this piece.  I just wanted to keep working on it for the simple pleasure of putting ink and and paint on paper.   


  1. I LOVE the flower stencils! The colours are beautiful.

  2. This is a fabulous page Boo. From the colours in the background, the patterns, the wonderful bird, those gorgeous flowers and the wording. The whole gamut! Just fabulous. :0) Mo

  3. Beautiful page! Love the flowers and bird.

  4. thanks so much for participating this week, what a lovely layout.

  5. Lovely page, I'm with you on the 'getting lost' in the creative zone :)

  6. BEautimous, Boo!! I love to lose myself in my art so much I sometimes wake REALLY REALLY early just to get on with it!!!

  7. Well...I hope you stay lost because this is awesome.

  8. I love your art and I love your post - there is nothing better than creating simply for the sake of creating!

    Congrats, Boo - you've been featured this week at Inspire Me Monday at

    Create With Joy