Thursday, March 7, 2013

Change in Attitude

 Link to Artist Play Room # 50 
I'm finding my whole attitude about my art is changing. I'm not afraid of screwing it up.  This page is a "do over" from a while back.  

It was my first page where I tried drips... and it was a mess. The paint wouldn't drip and I was not happy with the page.  I left it for weeks.  When I would look through my book...I liked it less each time.

Today I painted over the whole thing with gesso and then watered down some craft paint and tried drips again. I had better success this time.  I used a dropper this time and that helped a lot also.  The trees were drawn with the dropper.  I'm beginning to see that I think less and work more on instinct when I use unusual objects to paint with.  I seem to have much better luck with them than I do with a pencil.  

This book is about things that fly and the bird I planned to use wasn't large enough so Mr. Hoot Owl took his place.  This is a sizzix die and I worked at not making him look so cute.  It's a cute die but the page needed a little more serious.  I cut him out a magazine page and painted him with Vintage Photo distressed ink using the pad itself.

The quote came to mind because I have a friend who loves the night. He would live and be awake only in the night if the world would let him.  He comes alive in the night.  This one is for him.Artist Play Room


  1. This looks a very free minded piece Boo. I do love the background, and Mr Hoot Owl is a real character :0) Mo

  2. Popped in from the APR and see Mr Hoot Owl is still looking good :0) Mo

  3. Visiting from APR - this really made me smile. Not only can your owl fly, but he can hover too. A good idea. Makes a nice page.

  4. Love your dropper trees! Fantastic background for mr. owl.

  5. those trees and your owl are cool beans, Boo!! thanks for the background story. I always love hearing how people go from start to what I am seeing.

  6. Ahh...Mr Hoot Owl looks like he knows a thing or two!
    Like how clever you are at creating great pieces of artwork ;D

    I think it's great when we finally get to the point where we lose the fear of something not turning out 'right' and just do it anyway! I'm still working on that, but when you think about's all art so we should just embrace the outcome. That's my plan anyway.
    A brilliant entry and so interesting to read how you created it.
    Have a great weekend :D