Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sometimes... Want is the mother of invention....

I keep seeing all these really cool stencils being used in altered books, in journals and on cards.  I've been wanting one to play with for weeks.

I finally ordered one from Stamping on the Plateau.  I bought a flower one because it looked like I could use it for a lot of different projects.

The problem is.... I really wanted one with random dots.  She didn't have that one and I have no clue who I saw using it online, so I don't even know the name of it.  The other problem is that, as usual, my wants are bigger than my budget.  I really did not need to spend another 7 to 10 dollars on a stencil.

Want is sometimes the mother of invention.... I took a plastic box that a Tim Holtz die came in and cut the front off.  Then I used my Japanese Screw punch and a 16th" punch to make random holes in the plastic.  The results are shown on the left.  I think I'll add more holes tomorrow.  I may take it to my dad... I bet he has some cool tools we could use to punch more and different holes.

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