Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paper Arts Collage

Yesterday was my art day.  After my oil painting I thought everything else would be in the shadows.  They were until I found the young woman stuck in the back corner near all that lovely art paper.

If you've never seen art's a sight to behold.  A whole wall filled with huge sheets of beautiful colors and textures.  The papers are at least 3 feet long.  Some have gold or silver streaking through them.  They scream to be touched.  

I've worked with paper a many times but never on canvas.  The idea of canvas really intrigued me.  I had so much fun.  It was like paper heaven.  There were so many different colors and types of paper.  This picture doesn't do the papers justice.  The one in the top left corner is a shimmery gold and the one on the top right is a beautiful orange.  

I had a great time with the oil painting but I was never relaxed.  When I got to this collage, I was home.  I could have sat there all day and worked with that paper.

Plaza Arts... Thank you so much!  I have a fantastic time.

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