Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oil Painting

My First Oil Painting 10/27/2012
I went to Plaza Art Store in Nashville on Saturday & I painted an oil painting.  If you are a painter, this will not seem like a big deal.  I'm not a painter.  The extent of my ability to draw is a tree, a pumpkin and a house.  I've never ever been able to paint a picture.  I stamp because I can't draw.

This was demo day at Plaza Art.  This very nice lady said to me, "Would you like to paint an oil painting?"   I gave her my whole spiel about not being able to draw.  This did not phase her in the least.   She sat me down and the next thing I knew I had painted this tiny oil painting using this huge brush.  I can't remember the last time I was so tickled with myself.  If I lived in Nashville I think I'd take lessons from her.  

 When we finished, I was so excited that I gave her a big hug.  I kept wanting to walk around the store telling everyone I met..."I painted an oil painting" just like I was a                                                                                 
three year old.

I always thought oils would be very difficult.  She told me they were easy and forgiving. Yesterday they were.

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