Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Woes of a Five Foot Tall Woman

I went looking for a stamp today and low and behold... my shelf is hanging half off the wall.  This is a big, heavy stamp display shelf I bought from Michaels about 12 years ago when they were going out of business.   

I moved 4 years ago and I've not hung anything on the walls because they are plaster... old1945 plaster and I didn't know what kind of hangers to use.  I was feeling bad about my bare walls until about 20 minutes ago.

Now I'm very glad I didn't hang the giant clock over my sofa. I nap on that sofa and Scooter sleeps there often. It would be a huge disaster if it fell on one of us. Now what do I do?  I guess I'll have to ask my friend, Mike, to take a look at it.  Sigh... the joys of home ownership.  

I unloaded all the stamps.  They filled a paper box to the brim.  Hopefully it will hang there until I can get some help.   Once again, it is a pain to be only 5 ft tall.  If I want to unscrew it from the wall, I'm going to have to have help.   My friends have threatened me if I get on the ladder by myself ever again.  So, I'm a little clumsy.... I think threats are a bit extreme.

This was not what I had planned to write about.... as usual, life got in the way of my plans.  You would think I'd learn by now.  

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