Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Are Crunchy and Good With .....

I admit it.  I cannot usually say no to free craft supplies.  When we go to our Stamp Retreat, we play musical stamps, inks and embellishments.  We have a yard sale table and we have a give away table.  It's always fun to see that something I don't want anymore is something a friend would like to have.  The star punch I used a few posts back I would not have purchased because I didn't "need"  it.   Someone was giving it away at retreat. I have had a great time using it.

Monica B., a TS, emailed me and said she was going through her stash of stamps and inks.  She asked if I thought anyone at the DRI would like any of her things.  She sent two boxes full of goodies.  I passed some on to a new stamper that lives down the street.  Her eyes were shining with glee when she saw all those different colored ink pads.  

I added some reinkers to my stash and took a box of things to the DRI.  The paisley stamps were put aside for Lori, our paisley queen.  

I also held on to some dragon stamps that Monica sent.  I've never thought much about wanting a dragon stamp. However, I have a friend, who has a friend, who loves dragons.  I thought the You Are Crunchy... sentiment was great so I made the card below for her.  I have to say, it was fun making a card for someone I've never meet just because I thought it would make her smile.  

Thank you, Monica, for sharing the bounty with us.  You gave at least 12 people a smile or two.

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