Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This page in one form or another has been in my head since the first really cold day in January.  

These buttercups are very close to my house so they always bloom first.  This year the frigid cold, the ice and then snow came after they were peaking up out of the ground.  

I thought they might survive the snow but it kept snowing. The temps were soooo cold. I was a little sad that I wouldn't see the bright yellow blooms this year.

I didn't plant these flowers. I bought our house in the fall and had no clue the flowers were there. They were my great surprise in the spring.  

The more I watched them, the more words like tenacious, strong and preserve came to mind. I found the quote on line and thought it was perfect.

I started this page by writing about our unusual winter. Next I added yellow and green paint and the photos.  I used a baby wipe to remove some of the paint so that part of my journaling showed through. I like the hints of writing.  Some pages in my journal are more about the art and some are more about remembering something. I wanted to be remind myself that I am strong just like these hearty buttercups that would not give up in the face of single digit temps and snow.

As I typed this blog, I realized that I left out a letter in the word strong. I could have chosen not to post this page but I decided that leaving out a letter is part of who I am. If you have ever received an letter from me you will find that I do that a lot.  The misspelled word will remind me that it's ok not to be perfect.  I want to remember the act of creating is more important for my mental well being than a perfectly completed piece.  

The theme in my head recently is... I don't ever want to loose myself again. I want to be accepted and accept myself exactly as I am... misspelled words, loud laughs, loyal to my friends, punctual, loving and with not much desire to ever dust again.  

I hope you are having a good spring (or fall if you live down under).  What have you created today??

Link to:  Art Journal Everyday, Paint Party Friday


  1. I love this page and all that it represents. From what I know of you, the words do seem to apply to you as well as those very pretty flowers, (they're called Daffodils over here).
    Like you, I have no wish to dust - the darn stuff only settles again anyway ;) haha
    I haven't created anything yet today, but I will be working in my Anti Journal again later.
    Spring is springing forth around here and it is most welcome {{Hugs}} xo