Thursday, December 18, 2014

Napkins Make Quick Journal Page

Journal 52's prompt this week was Sparkle and Shine. I thought those berries were perfect for that idea.

I really like working with napkins in my art journal. I could never paint a bird as pretty as this one.  I love that I can take a paper napkin and collage it into a really nice page.

When working with napkins the first  thing I do is separate the layers. Most napkins are 2 or 3 ply. The top layer is the only one with a design on it.  If I don't separate the top layer from the others when I begin to glue, the top layer will peel off leaving just the white layers on my page.

Jean Parker taught me a neat treat for separating the layers.  Put a small piece of masking tape on one corner on the back side.  It will hold the white layer so you can peel the other layer off.... It works like a dream.

If you want to cut out an element from your napkin the easiest way to do that is to glue that element to a piece of paper. The paper gives the napkin enough stiffness that it's easy to trim.  

I used glitter glue on the berries and the bird's tail to give it a little shine.

Link to:  Journal 52, Art Journal Every Day

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