Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Church Window

Thank you, Ann, for loaning me your Church Window stencil by StencilGirl. I love, love, love it. The window was stenciled on deli paper with craft paint.  I wish I could remember the color.  Ann bought a big set of craft paint at Lowe's at Christmas time and this one was in the set. The color is so pretty.

The quote is a Stampendous stamp. It is one of my favorite Bible quotes. I did this page for Challenge 26 of The Documented Life Project.  This is one of my favorite pages in my book so far. It's a very simple page but I find it very soothing to look at.  What are you working on in your journal?

NOTE:  Ann also gave me a StencilGirl stencil for my birthday. It arrived with a crimp in it. A crimp in the kiss of death to a stencil because it won't lie flat. I called StencilGirl on Friday afternoon to let them know my stencil was damaged.  I received my new stencil on Monday.I am very impressed with the customer service at StencilGirl. They were very kind, helpful and amazingly fast.  Thank you, StencilGirl.


  1. This is beautiful! And I love the way you used the image alongside one of my very favorite verses!

  2. Beautiful window Boo, so subtle.
    And how about stencil girl eh!? Awesome service. Have you tried, uncrimping the stencil Boo? Maybe very hot water and then a super heavy weight on top of it? x