Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Favorite Toy

Part of the fun of being a Mixed Media Artist is that anything goes.  I can use paint and paper, junk  treasures I find on the side of the road or supplies from another type of craft.  

Some of you may recognize the item on the left. It's a piece of plastic canvas.  I was visiting my art buddy, Ann, and saw two of these on the floor near her table. Since we all know I'm not shy when it comes to craft supplies, I said, "Oh, may I have one of these?"  And of course, she gave me one. Ann and I are big on sharing our stash of cool stuff.

I've decided this is my new favorite stencil.  I love the look I'm getting when I use it with a stipple brush.  As you can tell by the many colors on it, I've used it a lot recently. This is my May events page for The Documented Life Project.  I have to tell you, using this little stencil I found on Ann's floor is becoming addicting.  I think all your Tennessee Fans will appreciate the color pallet of the word May... GO VOLS!! Especially the Lady Vols!!

Link to: The Documented Life Project,  

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