Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wall Paper Houses

I work with a lady who is the total opposite of me when it comes to hobbies. She thinks it's fun to spend the day participating in a mud filled race of some kind.  She would rather do that than pick up a paint brush.  She just shakes her head at me as I gush about my latest project.  She doesn't understand my love of arts and crafts but she does know I'm the collector of all odd paper items.  

I arrived at work one day to find three wall paper sample books on my desk complements of my activity loving co-worker.  Wooo Hooo was my response.  These darling little houses were made from pieces of wall paper.  It look a bit of time but I love how cutting out the flowers pattern turned out on the page.

Like the my last post, the grass was done with a stipple brush. The houses were outlined with Stabilo pencils.  


  1. Loving your fab page Boo, wallpaper samples are just the best. Annette x

  2. What a wonderful co-worker you have Boo :D The wallpapers are wonderful and you got the colour combos spot on. Did you find the thickness of the paper much different than other papers we tend to usually use? :o) Mo x

  3. I sure wish we were neighbors. You really get me excited and this page is fantastic. I do love house and villages. Wonderful Boo!!
    Sandy xx