Monday, April 28, 2014

It Is What It Is

The Documented Life Challenge for this week is to 
add quote to your journal.  Under all the paint and texture on this page I journaled about acceptance. I have a hard time with acceptance at my job.  I'm very organized at work. I like deadlines and I like to have all my projects completed before the deadline. 

I get frustrated because I work with very loving, caring people who prefer to do things at the last minute. It drives nails up my butt and so I have to give myself the acceptance lecture often.

My work life and my home and art life are very nearly complete opposites. I think I'm content with my workplace disciplined because I'm so free and not concerned about it in the studio.  These days my home is my studio.  That is another way of saying that I don't care if the bed is made or if the furniture is dusted.  I just want to be sure I can get to the paper, paint and matte medium.

It is What IT is... is one of things a friend of my says when she is working on acceptance.  She can't change is so it is what it is.

I started by painting gesso and coarse texture medium on most of the page. The butterfly is from a paper towel I used to blot a stencil.  The right side has part of a mesh bag that lemons came in.  The bits of color around the edges are pieces of paper towels and tissue paper I've used to clean stencils and paint brushes. Everything accept the gesso and texture medium on this page was recycled.  I love the challenge of making something out of what others would consider trash. 

Link to: The Documented Life Project, Artist Playroom


  1. I like your textured, colorful piece. Like you I want things to be organized in business things. And even in social occasions. If someone says they are going to look into something for me, I expect them to do so. After a few weeks, and sometimes days, I get very antsy. But I have no problem leaving my art space in a royal mess.

  2. What is it Boo - it's a bird! It's a plane! No it's a beautiful butterfly!! Not to mentiion gorgeous color to boot!!
    sandy xx

  3. Fabulous Boo! I would love to stroke this page, I think it would be an awesome texture. It looks it anyway, haha. The butterfly is awesome and your writing is very cool. The quote is a good one to use, and one worth remembering.
    I'm with you on the old bed making and dusting 'thing' but I don't live alone and it invariably gets commented on, *sigh* then I feel guilty, seeing as I don't work outside the home, I guess I should occasionally do at least some work INside, hahaha. :o))