Monday, April 21, 2014

Busy Playing...

It feels like weeks since I've touched paint. It's probably only a week but it seems much longer to me.  When I'm away from my art table for a few days, I lose some of the easy flow that I often have.  I felt like that today. I had an idea but it didn't flow.  That's ok with me because this is my art journal.  It's a way to express how I feel and what I think. I feel a little off center and I could see that in how I worked today.  The important part is that I did get the paint out and give it a try.  My art helps me settle.  We shall see if it worked today.

The people on this page were cut from recycled paper I found in the recycle bin at my office. The background was made with found object stencils and a daisy stencil.

I've spent a week being unsettled. Not sure what is going on but I've had enough of sitting around trying to figure it out or hiding in a book.  It's time I got busy playing.


  1. I think they're very hoppity skippety happy peeps Boo. Your background is lots of fun too.
    I hope you feel more settled now and it continues through the week. Thank you for visiting my blog :o)

  2. smashing recycled page Boo and love the great colours. Annette x

  3. When you play - we all have fun! I really like your journal page a bunch!!
    Sandy xx